Basil the Bunny {Three Weeks Old}

The baby bunnies have grown much in size and in fluff over the past couple weeks. They’ve also gotten a lot more curious. And we’ve named them all! The black one is Mulberry (named by Carmen), the white and black one is Herbert Nininger (named by Jeff), the brown and white one is Ginger (named by Allison), and mine is Basil.

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Baby Bunnies

As you probably could tell from the title, we have baby bunnies now! Our rabbit Willow just had four tiny babies on Monday. It’s been over half a year since we’ve had baby bunnies, and almost a year since we’ve had some that survived, so I’m quite happy that we have more bundles of fuzz! (Although they don’t have terribly much fuzz at the moment.)

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Maggie in Autumn

Hey guys!

A few days ago (when I took these pictures) I took a lot of photos of Maggie, our yellow lab. Some of them are funny, and others are cute. Enjoy!

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St. Bernard Pups

Hey guys!

St. Bernard puppies are ADORABLE. If you’ve never seen one, you’re missing out. XD The long haired ones are so incredibly FLUZZY.

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Bunnies, Just Bunnies


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In Which Casey Won’t Cooperate


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The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 7

Hello fans! If you’d like to read my other diary entries, please go here.

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Of Bears and Ferns


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A Babbit Inn and a Fashion Fail

Hello everyone! 😀

Which should be first, the Babbit in or Fashion Fail? I’ll do the Babbit Inn.

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A Post From Ancient Times

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? 🙂

I’m going to bring back a post I wrote a long time ago in this post. If you want to see the real thing, go HERE.

Raspberry Chocolate Bars

Allison, my cousin Leisha, and I made up this recipe.  It works best with fresh raspberries but frozen  ones work  fine.  We have a big black raspberry patch and we have picked 3 gallons in 2 pickings.  The first time we made smoothies. Next we made ice cream and bars. Here’s the recipe.


I hope you like it! We did!

So Long


That was short. I should have put pictures of what it looked like, don’t you think? XD Ah, well. Maybe I can make it soon and take better pictures of it. Raspberries are coming! Oh, and if you want to see the smoothies we made with the raspberries the one time, you can see my sister’s post. 🙂

Before I leave, here are some espeacially cute and funny pictures I’ve taken of Casey since my last post about her.

AWW! Casey-wacey, you are adorable. 😛

Bye for now!

123456 Megan's Grass-letter Signoff

Casey caught a mouse! Unfortunately, it’s just a computer mouse. XD

The Bunny Awards

Hello everyone!

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♥Casey the Brave♥

Hello, everyone! 🙂

I have an exciting announcement. A very exciting announcement! A very fuzzy, exciting announcement! Okay, I guess I’ll tell you now…




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Going Nest Hunting

Hello everyone! 🙂

Phew, it’s dreary here. It’s rained almost everyday for three. Whole. Weeks. Isn’t that annoying? :/ Sigh.

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