The Bunny Awards

Hello everyone!

Clemmie was too grumpy to do her entry this month, plus nothing terribly exciting happened to the rabbits. :/ So! Here is a bunny substitute: The Bunny Awards! 😛

 So here’s how it works.

I’ll show pictures of all five bunnies and tell a bit about them. Then after I do that, you can vote on the polls I have put down at the bottom. 🙂  So! Youngest first… WILLOW!

Willow was born in June. She is mostly Jersey Wooly, and part Mini Lop. My sister, Allison, got her last August at the county fair. She started not very fy, and then her fur grew, and grew, and grew! 🙂 She’s now a very fluffy rabbit. Along with being overly fluffy, she’s very sweet and curious. She licks the place between the bunnies’ ears that they can’t reach, and she often stands up on her hind legs to look around. 🙂 And guess what? We hope she’ll be a mother soon! 😀 YAY!


Clementine. ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥

DSCN1723 (1280x960)


Clemmie is… a little grumpy. If you stretch out your arms to hold her, she’ll charge at you. She also snorts, grunts, stomps her foot and… yeah. 😛 But she is quite cute. She’s a pure-bred Holland Lop. She is extremely active and loves to run around ( very fast) outside. She seems to have grown in the past few days, but maybe I haven’t been visiting her enough. 😛

Nicknames: Clemmie, Clem, Clumsy-Tiny, Crummy (poor gal XD )



DSCN0780 (1280x960)

Megan 092 (1280x720)

Olaf is my younger brother’s rabbit. She is a purebred New Zealand. Olaf is the champion rabbit runner. If you try to hold her, she will run around the cage until you finally corner her. When you hold her though she is very nice and just pushes her head between your arm and body. Maybe she’s just scared… XD Anyway, we used to think she was a boy, but then we found out that she wasn’t. Oops. 😜



DSCN1739 (1280x960)

DSCN0539 (1280x960)

LILY!! YOU ARE SO HUGE AND SQUISHY AND ADORABLE. 😀 Look at her dewlap. 😮 (A dewlap is the thing that looks like a double chin) We call Lily ‘Squishy Teddybear’. 😀 And guess what? Lily used to be really small and tiny. That changed… We’ve had Lily for about a year and two weeks. 😀 She’s a purebred New Zealand. DEAR SQUISHY LILY!


DSCN1673 (1280x960)

Diamond is the oldest of our rabbits, but she’s still only two. She’s pretty big, but not as round and squishy as Lily. She’s a Silver Fox which is kind of a rare breed. She is very, very grunty. Is you pick her up she grunts and snorts and huffs and puffs. She is also very stately and proud. Once she got carried off by our dog, Maggie, but we rescued her and she’s still living. She loves dandelions.

Alrighty then! Here are the polls. 😀

Have fun!

123456 Megan's Grass-letter Signoff

My brothers mow about ten acres of lawn each week. 😮 We have a LOT of grass. XD

34 thoughts on “The Bunny Awards

  1. Olaf is sooo cute!!!! We used to have rabbits but we got rid of them all.

    Raesha Hale


  2. I loved this! I voted in all the polls, though it was really hard to decide who to vote for. Olaf is hilarious in that second picture of him! XD
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. I love the GIF of the week! Casey is so cute!!! ❤


  3. Fun awards!! Olaf is so funny, and Lily is so cute! How did she become so fat, anyway?



  4. Your bunnies are so cute!!! We used to breed holland lops and it was so cute to see them all grow up and have different personalities 🙂 I loved them so much!!! It was so hard to see them go to their new homes 😦 I still have one bunny he is 4 years old this year! I loved this post though 😀


    1. It is really hard to see them go to other homes. :/ I sell puppies, and it’s really hard to get rid of them …mainly when it’s to someone that I”m not sure if they’re going to get taken care of right. :/ 😥 But other times I’m SO glad, cause they go to GREAT homes! 😀 🙂 Like my dog’s first litter of pup..(I call it that cause she only had one! XD :P) that pup went to my Grandad, and now it’s a GREAT stock dog, and I can see it all the time!! 🙂 😛 😀 I’m sure rabbits are different, but not TOOO much, surely..? 😛 😕 😀 Anyway, just wanted to say that! 🙂 Byye!!


      1. 😀 Yes!! 🙂 That is nice!! 😀 I’ve had people say they’ll send pics, but don’t. :/ 😉 But last year my favorite pup went to a great home I think!! 😀 Her name was Speck! 😀 She was ADORABLE!! :D: ) 😛 Hehe!!!!!


      2. The lady who got the pup named Speck named her .. Ice! 🙂 😀 She also got another pup, so Speck had her sister with her!! 😀 The lady was calling them her little babies! 😛 It was cute! 😛 XD That’s what I would have called them..and did! 😛 😀


  5. awww!!!! 😀 That’s so great! 😀 They are all so so SOO cute!!! 😀 🙂 I’m sure even though Clemmie isn’t ALWAYS a sweetie, that you still love her! 😀 🙂 SOMETIME (just sometimes) Aggie gets the same way! 😉 When she gets too happy! XD 😛 Wonder who she got that from… :/ XD 🙂 Haha!!! 😛 I voted for all of them!!! The worthy-of-show one was the HARDEST!!! :O 🙂


      1. 😉 😛 Haha! XD 😛 Sounds like Chubster my fish! when he’s mad he is HILARIOUS! XD 🙂 There is a stuffed animal fish that he HATES!! I mean HATES! XD 🙂 😛 But now he’s just scared of it! Oh, and I emailed you!! 😀
        🙂 No problem boblem! XD 😛


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