Interview/Guest Post With Carmen

Yesterday Carmen suddenly decided that she wanted to write a guest post. I have recently read two interview posts that people did with their younger siblings (one is on a private blog, but the other is here) and I thought they were hilarious. So today I have an interview with Carmen for you to read. Continue reading “Interview/Guest Post With Carmen”

Art Lab Episode 22 {Wuzzing Contest Results

About a month ago we started the Wuzzing Contest on Art Lab. We got seven great entries and 995 votes on the poll we posted! If you want to see all of the Wuzzings and their profiles, go to this post.

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Art Lab Episode 20 {Wuzzing Contest}

What is a Wuzzing, you ask? Well, that’s exactly what we want to know! The Art Lab is hosting it’s very first art contest, and anyone can enter!

All you have to do is create a mythical creature called the Wuzzing. You may use any art supplies: colored pencils, clay, papier-mâché, you name it! Then you can make a profile for it. What is it’s diet? Where does it live?

Be creative with your Wuzzing. Will it have feathers or scales? Wings? Hooves? Or maybe all four of those combined! When you have finished your Wuzzing creation, send a picture of it to, along with the profile you’ve created. We’d appreciate it if you can use the email, but if you can’t, then you can post your Wuzzing on your blog and send us a link in the comments. The deadline is February 16th. On February 17th, Allison (a fellow ArtLab artist) will post the results of the Wuzzing contest. You, the readers, can vote on which Wuzzing is your favorite. And one more thing – the winning Wuzzing will become the official mascot of The Art Lab!

Here are the only requirements:

·         You must use actually physical art supplies; no graphic designing, please!

·         You must email us/post the picture of your Wuzzing by the 16th.

·         You must also leave your name (or the name you use online) with your entry, so we know who to give the art credit to. You may also give us the address of your blog and we’ll link to it in the post.

I think that about covers it all! GO MAKE A WUZZING!

megan's sign-off.png

Christmas Card Lettering

Hey guys! It’s art time! It’s also getting close to Christmas, and so I thought I’d do a Christmas-y tutorial this time. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading “Christmas Card Lettering”

Book Page ATCs {Art Lab Episode 15}

Hello all you artists!
Today I have some fun, simple, and beautiful art inspiration for you guys.

I got an old book at my Grandma’s that she didn’t want, and I used it to make some art.

For my first ATC, I cut out the shape of a book and glued it to an ATC that I had colored yellow. Then I outlined the cut-out, and added the word ‘Books’ and some swirls.

Megan 011.JPG

For my second one I cut a page from the book into multiple strips and glued them all crisscross to my blank ATC.

Megan 008.JPG

Next I flipped the ATC over and cut off the parts that were sticking off of it.

Megan 009.JPG

After that, I outlined the pieces in Sharpie. Ta-da!

Megan 010.JPG

Then I made one more. For this one, I started by drawing polka dots all over my ATC with an orange Sharpie.

Megan 017.JPG

Then I cut a squiggle shape out of a page of the book and glued that in the center of my card.

Megan 018.JPG

I outlined my squiggle in Sharpie and added an extra detail or two.

Megan 019.JPG

Book collage ATCs are really fun to make, and I love the result! You could also use a sheet from a piano book to make an ATC.

Megan 007.JPG

Have fun making art!

Afternoon Art

Hey everyone!

This afternoon I brought a pencil, paper, and some markers up to my room and sketched a few things.

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Decorated Envelopes

Hello everyone!

I have some photos of decorated envelopes that I’ve made. 😀  I was inspired to make decorated from The Art Lab. 🙂

Front of envelope #2
Back of envelope #2
Front of envelope #3
envelope design
Back of envelope #3

Front of envelope #5
Back of envelope #5
The paper is to cover the address of my pen pal.

There you go! Do you like decorating envelopes? 😀

123456 Megan's Grass-letter Signoff


How to Make ATCs

Probably lots of you already know what ATCs are, but in case you don’t, read on!

First of all, what does ATC stand for?  Artist Trading Cards -’cause that’s what they are! And the good news is you don’t have to be a wonderful artist – you can just pick up a pencil and draw a quick scene, or use stickers, yarn, water color, crayons, ribbon, fabric, whatever!

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