Happy Spring!

It is officially spring now. Even if it is just fifty-three degrees and cloudy outside, the calendar says that it’s spring, so maybe the weather will live up to that now.

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When Sunsets are too Pretty

Hello, everyone!

Sometimes a sunset is just so gorgeous that I can’t stand it. Sometime I get annoyed with my camera because it just doesn’t capture how it really looks.

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Of Bears and Ferns


Did I scare you? Aww, shucks. 😛 BUT GUESS WHAT? Shucks, how’d you guess that we saw bears? Oh right… the title. Continue reading “Of Bears and Ferns”

Day 2/7 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge

Hello again! 🙂

Wow, it seems to easy just to be able to put a picture in a post and then post it. XD But here you go! The second picture of this challenge. 🙂 Continue reading “Day 2/7 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge”

Day 1 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge (Plus Moss)

Hello. 🙂

I was looking at Joanne’s blog and I saw that she was doing a 7 day nature challenge someone had awarded her for. And then I saw that she said anyone could do it. Woo-hoo! 😛 Rules for this challenge: Post one nature photo and nominate someone else per day for 7 days.

Here is my photo. It’s of teeny-tiny white flowers we found on a hike once!

I nominate…. hmm. I’ll nominate Loren @ Blue Eyes Gray Eyes. 🙂

And then here are lots and lots of photos of moss. 😮 On a different hike there were tons of moss (and not to mention big boulders) along side of and on the path. Here are a sampling of them.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

Megan's butterfly sign-off

My sister, Allison, is making dandelion salad off of a recipe in a new cookbook she got for her birthday. Yummy…? Nah, I’m sure it’ll be great. xD




😛 Hehe. BYE!


News, a Guitar, and Flowers


Hello guys! 😀

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Name That Flower + Survey

Hey guys!

Probably a bunch of you don’t even remember Name That Flower!

Let me go over the rules.

  1. Look at the flowers below
  2. Comment saying what you think they are
  3. Wait for a post saying what they where and who got the most right

Sound fun? Alrighty then, let’s get started!

Flower #1:

Megan 106

Flower #2:

Megan 066

Flower #3:

Megan 080

Flower #4:

Megan 065

Ready, set…. hang on! First, I’d like you to take this survey I made. I created it so I will know what changes to make to BIBPC (my photo contest). You don’t really need to take it if you aren’t going to be participating. 😉

Click on these words to take the survey.

Now then, you may name those flowers! 😀


For the next few secret notes I will say who’s pet profile picture I have updated. Today I updated Maggie’s! Hover over  my ‘About’ page, then hover over ‘Pet Profiles’!

Salamander and (Yay!) Flowers

On Monday we went on a walk through some woods on our property and I got many pictures of a salamander and flowers.

The salamander is a Red Backed Salamander in case you needed to know. 😀 We also have a few Jefferson Salamanders on our farm. Continue reading “Salamander and (Yay!) Flowers”

Of Horses and Roses

A while back I went to a stable with my friend and my sister and we went horse-back riding. Here are some photos!

Megan (stables, clouds) 021 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 059Megan (stables, clouds) 030 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 032 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 033 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 036 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 043 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 050 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 051 (1280x960)

The last three photos are of the horse I rode, Bo.

Bonus photo! There were some goats on a little board thing and one goat laid down basically on it! As you can see, there was a very impatient goat. XD He really is putting his hoof on the other goat!

Megan (stables, clouds) 025 (1280x960).jpg

Now for the Rose part. My dad got my mom a Valentine’s bouquet and I took million (well… fifty) of photos of it. Here’s a slideshow! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to look at them all. XD



You know that Pusheen cat GIF I put on my giveaway post? It’s her birthday today! XD


The Frost Is on the… Maple Leaf?

Hello readers!

A few days ago we got some frost. Normally, we would be getting frost every morning, but this November has had several over-sixty degree days. Continue reading “The Frost Is on the… Maple Leaf?”

Colonial Tulips!


You may be looking at the title thinking, “huh?” and I don’t blame you.  It is rather a strange title, but I couldn’t just say “Tulips,” could I?!

Well anywho, on to the point.  Our cousins from Canada came a few weeks/days ago and so we went to Colonial (aha!) Williamsburg with them.

At Williamsburg there is a Governor’s Palace, with Palace Gardens.  And in the gardens there are beautiful tulips!  So, I just had to post about them!



DSCN7651 (1024x576).jpg

DSCN7566 (1024x576).jpg

DSCN7658 (1024x576).jpgDSCN7659 (1024x576).jpg

And those are the tulips!  I will also give you the privilege of seeing a squirrel I saw in the garden.


And about the contest,  I didn’t post the results on the 18th because they were tied, but now they aren’t!  So…..

Third place goes to…


Second place goes to…


First place goes to……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Clara’s Craft Corner!!!




Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!  Flowers!  Robins! Warmth! Green! SPRING!  Aahhh!  Did you know that I like Spring?

It is finally getting warm around here!  On Monday it almost got up to 70.  Crocuses are coming up, robins are bobbin’,  and our creek has melted.  I took some pictures as proof even! Enjoy!☻

It appears that cameras do not like crocuses.  (at least mine doesn’t)  This might be the best one I got of the crocuses.

megan 042


megan 062 megan 044

Lovely little blue flower.

megan 078

I know Henbit isn’t the prettist of flowers, but it’ll do!

megan 081


megan 087

I love this picture of the ducks!

megan 106


megan 107


The Glory of Sunsets

A while back there was this BEAUTIFUL striking sunset.  I got some pretty good pictures too.  Enjoy!

Megan (Hair, Sunset,Gifts, wagon) 011

Megan (Hair, Sunset,Gifts, wagon) 018

Megan (Hair, Sunset,Gifts, wagon) 019

Megan (Hair, Sunset,Gifts, wagon) 022

Megan (Hair, Sunset,Gifts, wagon) 023




Here’s a poll for you too.