Happy Spring!

It is officially spring now. Even if it is just fifty-three degrees and cloudy outside, the calendar says that it's spring, so maybe the weather will live up to that now. It snowed a few days ago, but everything has melted by now. There are a few flowers that survived the cold, and I took some … Continue reading Happy Spring!

When Sunsets are too Pretty

Colorful sunset photos.

Of Bears and Ferns

Hi! Did I scare you? Aww, shucks. 😛 BUT GUESS WHAT? Shucks, how'd you guess that we saw bears? Oh right... the title.  Well, we did see bears yesterday! First off we saw a bear by itself... about 10 yards away. Then, later, we saw a momma bear and her cub! It was really amazing. … Continue reading Of Bears and Ferns

Day 2/7 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge

Hello again! 🙂 Wow, it seems to easy just to be able to put a picture in a post and then post it. XD But here you go! The second picture of this challenge. 🙂 I like the angle of this photo, don't you? 🙂 I'm going to ask Grace from The Girl Upstairs to do this … Continue reading Day 2/7 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge

Day 1 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge (Plus Moss)

Hello. 🙂 I was looking at Joanne's blog and I saw that she was doing a 7 day nature challenge someone had awarded her for. And then I saw that she said anyone could do it. Woo-hoo! 😛 Rules for this challenge: Post one nature photo and nominate someone else per day for 7 days. … Continue reading Day 1 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge (Plus Moss)

News, a Guitar, and Flowers

  Hello guys! 😀 First, before I get any further, I should tell you the bad news. Are you ready for it? Okay, I'm not going to do BIBPC. I'm so sorry, but it's too stressful. I've been trying to plan out the posts and categories so I wouldn't have to do it all at … Continue reading News, a Guitar, and Flowers

Name That Flower + Survey

Hey guys! Probably a bunch of you don't even remember Name That Flower! Let me go over the rules. Look at the flowers below Comment saying what you think they are Wait for a post saying what they where and who got the most right Sound fun? Alrighty then, let's get started! Flower #1: Flower #2: … Continue reading Name That Flower + Survey

Salamander and (Yay!) Flowers

On Monday we went on a walk through some woods on our property and I got many pictures of a salamander and flowers. The salamander is a Red Backed Salamander in case you needed to know. 😀 We also have a few Jefferson Salamanders on our farm. He scurried about, so in some images there's … Continue reading Salamander and (Yay!) Flowers

Of Horses and Roses

A while back I went to a stable with my friend and my sister and we went horse-back riding. Here are some photos! The last three photos are of the horse I rode, Bo. Bonus photo! There were some goats on a little board thing and one goat laid down basically on it! As you … Continue reading Of Horses and Roses

The Frost Is on the… Maple Leaf?

Hello readers! A few days ago we got some frost. Normally, we would be getting frost every morning, but this November has had several over-sixty degree days. Anyway, I did get some pictures! Isn’t frost so neat? I hope we get a hoar frost this year! Yes, that is a frozen dew drop! Isn’t it neat? … Continue reading The Frost Is on the… Maple Leaf?

Colonial Tulips!

Howdeedoo! You may be looking at the title thinking, "huh?" and I don't blame you.  It is rather a strange title, but I couldn't just say "Tulips," could I?! Well anywho, on to the point.  Our cousins from Canada came a few weeks/days ago and so we went to Colonial (aha!) Williamsburg with them. At Williamsburg … Continue reading Colonial Tulips!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!  Flowers!  Robins! Warmth! Green! SPRING!  Aahhh!  Did you know that I like Spring? It is finally getting warm around here!  On Monday it almost got up to 70.  Crocuses are coming up, robins are bobbin',  and our creek has melted.  I took some pictures as proof even! Enjoy!☻ It appears that cameras do not … Continue reading Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

The Glory of Sunsets

A while back there was this BEAUTIFUL striking sunset.  I got some pretty good pictures too.  Enjoy!     *********************************************************** Here's a poll for you too.