DIY Design #5: WordPress Design Part 1

Time for another DIY Design post! Clara did number four which was on free photos and design resources. My post is going to be part one of WordPress design. Today I’ll be going over blog headers and blog buttons. This isn’t neccesarily just for WordPress, but I will be going over how to put headers on your WordPress blog and how to link buttons on a WordPress page.

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Make a Flower Maiden Inchworm

Hello everyone!

I finally got a inchworm tutorial up. In this one you get to…

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Tutorial: How to Easily Make a Custom GIF

How To Make a GIF.jpg

A fellow blogger, Clara, suggested to me that I make a post telling you guys how to make GIFs! WordPress bloggers probably know that you can’t put videos on unless you buy the upgrade. But you can, however, put GIFs on! Continue reading “Tutorial: How to Easily Make a Custom GIF”

Photo Fill-In Using PicMonkey & Paint

Hey guys! Today I have a tutorial for you. 🙂

To make this you will need two programs: Paint, and PicMonkey.

This is what your thing will look like, with customized outline and photo fill. 😉


Ready? 😀


  1. Go to Bing (well, I guess you could use Google…) and type in ‘____ outline’. For this tutorial I typed in ‘bunny outline’. 🙂 Choose a good outline, one that looks like the one below. It doesn’t have to be transparent, (that’s the checkerboard behind it) but it works a little better 1.PNG The rabbit image was from this site.
  2. Save the picture to your computer and then open the Paint app. pt 2.PNG
  3. Click file, then click open, and select the image you just 3.PNG
  4. Select the paint bucket tool. pt 4.PNG
  5. Fill the outside part with black. Yes, it has to be black. Save your photo and then go Click ‘Edit’ and open your 5.PNG
  6. Once your photo pops up, click the little overlay icon which looks like a butterfly.  pt 6.PNG
  7. Click ‘Your Own’ and select the photo you want to use to fill it. pt 7.PNG
  8. Make the photo big enough so that it covers the whole rabbit (or whatever you are using). pt 8.PNG
  9. See the little box that says Overlays? Click on the word Normal. When the box drops down, click ‘Darken’.pt 9.PNG
  10. Ta-da! Now all you have to do is save it!

pt 10.PNG

These are really fun to make and they look so neat! 🙂



Clementine’s diary entry will be here soon! 😀

DIY Gourd Vases

Gourd Vases

♪’Tis the season for gourds and pumpkins and things… ♫

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound too good.

But as you probably read in the title, this post has a fall sort of theme.  Gourd vases!

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