The Summer Bored Games 2019 FINALE POST

Hello everyone! Here we are at the end of July! SBG was so much fun this year and I'm so glad y'all enjoyed it! I enjoyed seeing you enjoy it (XD), and it was also a lot of fun to do some of the challenges this past week. But you're probably pretty excited to see … Continue reading The Summer Bored Games 2019 FINALE POST

BIBPC #3 Ends

BIBPC Poster by Megan. Hello all! BIBPC #3 has ended. 😦 Thank you everyone for participating! Aria livtayy K.A. Lily AnonymousA Christian Homeschooler Addylover Points Earned this Time: 91 (Everyone on team Popsicle entered a photo this time! Bravo!) Total Points: 458 Anika Reya Kate (Scatterbrained Seamstress) Sarah Ali Points Earned this Time: 82 Total … Continue reading BIBPC #3 Ends

A Babbit Inn and a Fashion Fail

Hello everyone! 😀 Which should be first, the Babbit in or Fashion Fail? I'll do the Babbit Inn. Today my brothers and some of his friends got out some cardboard boxes, a rug, and an umbrella. With these they made the "Babbit Inn" as they call it. 🙂 Lily and Olaf were first, and then … Continue reading A Babbit Inn and a Fashion Fail

Best of 2015 WINNERS!

Seeing as today is the 15th, you get to find out who won what in my Best of 2015! For those of you who don't know, I decided (after reading Clara's post HERE) that I would make a post where you guys could pick the best blogs and blog posts of 2015! I did that … Continue reading Best of 2015 WINNERS!

K-LOVE Fan Award Winnners~ Who I Would Have Picked

Howdeedoo?! First of all, I need to thank Sunny for giving me this idea.  You can read her opinions on the Fan Awards HERE. And then if wondering what K-LOVE and Fan Awards are, I'll tell you. K-LOVE is a Christian radio station that our family listens to.  You can find your station HERE.   And then HERE is … Continue reading K-LOVE Fan Award Winnners~ Who I Would Have Picked