Christmas Tree-ing x2

Hello everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! I'm so excited for tomorrow! And I better get crackin' on this post before Christmas actually rolls around, hehe. (Oh yeah before I start, don't forget to nominate your favorite posts and bloggers in the Best of 2019 Blogging Awards! Check it out HERE.) We decorated two Christmas trees this … Continue reading Christmas Tree-ing x2

Autumn Exploration

Hello everyone! The other day I decided to drive around our farm on our four-wheeler and explore a little bit. A couple days later my family went on a walk back through the woods to collect fall leaves and (in the case of my brothers) hack down poor innocent saplings. I took my camera along … Continue reading Autumn Exploration

Updates + Snippets + Lots of Random Photography

Hello everyone! Since I haven't been posting very much lately, I thought it would be good to have my next post be kind of an update and snippets post. And I have a good amount of random photography to show you, so why not throw that in too? šŸ™‚ Shall we begin? We have a … Continue reading Updates + Snippets + Lots of Random Photography

Pond Swimming [June Happenings Part II]

Hello everyone! Yes, it is July, but yes, I'm still going to post a June happening. This is something we thought about doing for a while and finally decided to do it a few weeks ago: swimming in our pond! But first, before we get started, SBG HAS BEGUN! Check out Clara's post to see … Continue reading Pond Swimming [June Happenings Part II]

Random Snippets #2

Well, I have it scheduled to write a post today in my blogging schedule, so here I am. Heh heh. Yeah, I don't have a blogging schedule in case you haven't noticed by the lack of posts in the last two weeks. But today is the day when I shall break that streak! I have … Continue reading Random Snippets #2

At Assateague

Hello! We are currently at Assateague in our 'beach house'. It's not exactly on the beach, but it's close and quaint, so I guess it fits the title. šŸ™‚ We arrived here Monday night, so we didn't do much the first day. About a half an hour before we got here, there was a big … Continue reading At Assateague

Grand News!

Are you ready to hear the great and grand news?Ā  It contains something we got last night, and alsoĀ hasĀ something to do with these creatures: Actually, you know what?Ā  I am going to let you guess. But I will tell you real soon! Guess away my dears! Oh, all right.Ā  I guess I can tell you … Continue reading Grand News!

Polyphemus Moth

One night Jeff andĀ IĀ were harvesting stuff from our garden when we saw this HUGE moth!Ā Ā  He was on our banana peppers, just sitting there.Ā  I went to get my camera and he was still in the exact same spot!Ā  After about 50 pictures, I picked it up, and allĀ he did was flutter a bit he … Continue reading Polyphemus Moth

Mid AiršŸ’ƒ

Here is a picture I got while Jeff was jumping onĀ our grandmother's Ā trampoline.     Ā Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place. But there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around. ~E.L. Konigsburg So long! Megan