Autumn Exploration

Hello everyone! The other day I decided to drive around our farm on our four-wheeler and explore a little bit. A couple days later my family went on a walk back through the woods to collect fall leaves and (in the case of my brothers) hack down poor innocent saplings. I took my camera along … Continue reading Autumn Exploration


Updates + Snippets + Lots of Random Photography

Hello everyone! Since I haven't been posting very much lately, I thought it would be good to have my next post be kind of an update and snippets post. And I have a good amount of random photography to show you, so why not throw that in too? ūüôā Shall we begin? We have a … Continue reading Updates + Snippets + Lots of Random Photography

Pond Swimming [June Happenings Part II]

Hello everyone! Yes, it is July, but yes, I'm still going to post a June happening. This is something we thought about doing for a while and finally decided to do it a few weeks ago: swimming in our pond! But first, before we get started, SBG HAS BEGUN! Check out Clara's post to see … Continue reading Pond Swimming [June Happenings Part II]

Random Snippets #2

Well, I have it scheduled to write a post today in my blogging schedule, so here I am. Heh heh. Yeah, I don't have a blogging schedule in case you haven't noticed by the lack of posts in the last two weeks. But today is the day when I shall break that streak! I have … Continue reading Random Snippets #2

At Assateague

Hello! We are currently at Assateague in our 'beach house'. It's not exactly on the beach, but it's close and quaint, so I guess it fits the title. ūüôā We arrived here Monday night, so we didn't do much the first day. About a half an hour before we got here, there was a big … Continue reading At Assateague

Grand News!

Are you ready to hear the great and grand news?¬† It contains something we got last night, and also¬†has¬†something to do with these creatures: Actually, you know what?¬† I am going to let you guess. But I will tell you real soon! Guess away my dears! Oh, all right.¬† I guess I can tell you … Continue reading Grand News!

Polyphemus Moth

One night Jeff and¬†I¬†were harvesting stuff from our garden when we saw this HUGE moth!¬†¬† He was on our banana peppers, just sitting there.¬† I went to get my camera and he was still in the exact same spot!¬† After about 50 pictures, I picked it up, and all¬†he did was flutter a bit he … Continue reading Polyphemus Moth

Mid AirūüíÉ

Here is a picture I got while Jeff was jumping on¬†our grandmother's ¬†trampoline.     ¬†Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place. But there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around. ~E.L. Konigsburg So long! Megan