At Assateague

Hello! We are currently at Assateague in our ‘beach house’. It’s not exactly on the beach, but it’s close and quaint, so I guess it fits the title. šŸ™‚

We arrived here Monday night, so we didn’t do much the first day. About a half an hour before we got here, there was a big storm and we pulled over into a parking lot to wait it out a bit. That’s about as exciting as the first day of vacation got. šŸ˜›

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Grand News!

Are you ready to hear the great and grand news?Ā  It contains something we got last night, and alsoĀ hasĀ something to do with these creatures:

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Polyphemus Moth

One night Jeff andĀ IĀ were harvesting stuff from our garden when we saw this HUGE moth!Ā Ā  He was on our banana peppers, just sitting there.Ā  I went to get my camera and he was still in the exact same spot!Ā  After about 50 pictures, I picked it up, and allĀ he did was flutter a bit he didn’t seem very shy at all! Then he flew away looking like a little bird!Ā  I looked him up on the web and found out he is a Polyphemus moth.Ā  If you are wondering why I keep calling him a he it’s becauseĀ heĀ hasĀ feathered antenna and that means he is a male. Here are the pictures.


Moth 031

Moth 042



Moth 042


Hope you like it!








Mid AiršŸ’ƒ

Here is a picture I got while Jeff was jumping onĀ our grandmother’s Ā trampoline.



Wild Jumping Jeff
Wild Jumping Jeff

Ā Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place. But there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around. ~E.L. Konigsburg

So long!