St. Bernard Pups

Hey guys! St. Bernard puppies are ADORABLE. If you've never seen one, you're missing out. XD The long haired ones are so incredibly FLUZZY. We went someone's house to see their St. Bernard puppies about a week ago. They are very roly-poly and fluffy, as I have said. And don't worry, I took my camera … Continue reading St. Bernard Pups

BIBPC #3 Category #2

Here are the people who have entered photos for category #1, as well as the team's points. Aria Lily AnonymousA Heather Christian Homeschooler Points Earned this Time: 64 Total Points: 64 Cookie Anika Mya Reya Scatterbrained Seamstress Sarah Ali Points Earned this Time: 79 Total Points: 79 Evy Misty Allison Zielle Nabila at Hot Town Cool … Continue reading BIBPC #3 Category #2