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Hello, everyone! I’m glad you’ve found my blog. I hope you enjoy looking around here!

I’m Megan: a Christian, a homeschooler, and a farm girl. I’ve been blogging since February 2014 and hope to continue for some time. I’m a pretty sporadic blogger; sometimes I post two days in a row, and sometimes there will be a week between posts, but I figure since it’s my blog I should be able to post when I want. Plus schedules usually don’t work too well with me. XD

My favorite bible verse is Isaiah 40:8. I also like Romans 8:28, 1 Thessalonians 5:18. And Genises 1:1 – Revalations 22:21 (otherwise known as the whole Bible).

give thanks in all circumstances  1 thessalonians 5:18

I love photography, as you can see from my photography posts on this blog, but I’m not quite as big of a photography person as some people. That’s why my photography is mainly close-ups and nature. I love taking photos of people, but I prefer candid photos. Posed photos can be fun too, and my sister and I have done several photoshoots with each other.

portraits (42) (1280x853)


I love playing capture the flag, team keep away, freeze tag, ninja… basically any game that’s not an actual sport but still involves running. Although I do love baseball, I don’t think I’ll ever participate on an actual team for any sport.

Baseball is my favorite sport. I’m definitely not as much of a sports person as some people I know, but I do like baseball quite a bit. My favorite team is the Washington Nationals and my favorite player is Daniel Murphy. (GO NATS!)

megan pic4

My favorite band is NEEDTOBREATHE, but I also like TobyMac and Switchfoot. My favorite song changes about every month, but currently I like Cages by NEEDTOBREATHE, Tyrant Kings by NEEDTOBREATHE, Float by Switchfoot, Hold On by TobyMac, and Dead Man (Carry Me) by Jars of Clay.


I love graphic design, and have designed several blogs, headers, and buttons for many bloggers. To see some of my work, go to this page HERE and to contact me about design go to this page HERE.


I have several pen pals and I love writing letters. I also love stationary, so those two things go well together. I’ve probably written over one hundred pages of letters in the past year, and my poor hand has gotten sore countless times from all the letter writing.

I like working with polymer clay, but about the only things I make are inchworms. I’ve made over thirty clay inchworms. Everything from chefs, to gardeners, to wormaids (worm mermaid), to graduating worms! I hope to sometime start an inchworm Etsy shop.

bookworm 1

I love colorful things. My favorite color is yellow because it’s so sunny and summery (summer is my favorite season). I also like mint and aqua and all the colors in between those two.

Flowers are some of my favorite things. I love all the varieties and colors God made them in! Poppies are my favorite because of how big and bold they are. When I’m older I’d like to work in a greenhouse or plant nursery.

garden zinnia16 (2000x1500)

We have six rabbits currently. One is Basil, and she’s my rabbit. Before her was my grumpy lil’ Holland Lop named Clementine (who went by Clemmie, Crummy, Nugget, and many more nicknames) who made several diary entries on my blog.

portraits (151)

portraits (153)


DSCN0250 (1280x960)

Finally, here are a few random facts about me.

  • My favorite fictional book is The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.
  • I prefer Bing to Google, Pepsi to Coke, “supper” to “dinner”, and baseball to football.
  • I’m not a great artist, but I really like making Artist Trading Cards.
  • I love donuts.
  • I love my Dad’s puns (usually).
  • I want a donkey.
  • I am almost always barefoot in the summer (and spring and fall and sometimes winter). Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that by the name of my blog!
  • I love making people laugh and smile.

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  1. Hey there! I heard from Clara that today is your birthday so I decided to come on over and say Happy Birthday to you! ๐Ÿ˜€ I left a comment there too anyway. Have a great year ahead ๐Ÿ™‚


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