Photoshoot with Basil

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I did a post completely about bunnies, so a few days ago I let Basil romp about in our yard while I took some pictures of her. I got about 150 photos, but almost half of them were a white blur. XD I picked fortyish of my … Continue reading Photoshoot with Basil

Random Snippets #2

Well, I have it scheduled to write a post today in my blogging schedule, so here I am. Heh heh. Yeah, I don't have a blogging schedule in case you haven't noticed by the lack of posts in the last two weeks. But today is the day when I shall break that streak! I have … Continue reading Random Snippets #2

Basil the Bunny {Three Weeks Old}

The baby bunnies have grown much in size and in fluff over the past couple weeks. They've also gotten a lot more curious. And we've named them all! The black one is Mulberry (named by Carmen), the white and black one is Herbert Nininger (named by Jeff), the brown and white one is Ginger (named by Allison), … Continue reading Basil the Bunny {Three Weeks Old}

Baby Bunnies

As you probably could tell from the title, we have baby bunnies now! Our rabbit Willow just had four tiny babies on Monday. It's been over half a year since we've had baby bunnies, and almost a year since we've had some that survived, so I'm quite happy that we have more bundles of fuzz! … Continue reading Baby Bunnies

♥Casey the Brave♥

Hello, everyone! 🙂 I have an exciting announcement. A very exciting announcement! A very fuzzy, exciting announcement! Okay, I guess I'll tell you now... * * * * * We have a kitten with us! 😀 Okay, you probably knew that from my poster... 😛 Here's her story. 🙂 Our neighbor called dad yesterday after supper, and she … Continue reading ♥Casey the Brave♥

Days 9-11 of the Christmas Challenge

Day nine is a Christmas-y blog button. Do you like it? 🙂 Day 10: A Christmas Recipe. Here is a link to a recipe that we use for Hershey Kiss cookies. Yummy!! Hershey Kiss Cookies Dee-licious! These are some of my favorite Christmas cookies. 😀 Day 11: Here is the big one.... A Christmas-y photo of … Continue reading Days 9-11 of the Christmas Challenge