Little Bits of Farm Life #2

Spring is definitely here. Even though it’s supposed to get below fifty degree Friday, at least that’s a lot warmer than the twenty degrees it was during the snow last month. Continue reading “Little Bits of Farm Life #2”


Of Bears and Ferns


Did I scare you? Aww, shucks. 😛 BUT GUESS WHAT? Shucks, how’d you guess that we saw bears? Oh right… the title. Continue reading “Of Bears and Ferns”

Nature Study #44 and #45 ~ Mallards and Geese

Hello guys!

Every Wednesday that it suits, our family and a family from church get together for nature study. We study tons of things; grasshoppers, mulberries,  quartz, even poison ivy! I chose to show you two recent studies we’ve done. One’s on Canadian Geese and one’s on Mallard Ducks. 😉 I have photos of them, and at the end I’ll show you my pages in my nature notebook. 😀 Continue reading “Nature Study #44 and #45 ~ Mallards and Geese”

Through the Woods to Grandmother’s House We Go…

Hello everyone! I’ve been enjoying the past few days of springy-ness! 😀 How about you?

Yesterday we worked on a path in our grandparent’s woods. They have a fairly good sized wood, but the problem that is when its warm tons of brambles and weeds spring up. So, since there weren’t any leafy things, we decided to go for it! With our rakes, pruners, more rakes, and more pruners, we cleared a fairly nice path.

Wanna see some pictures? 😀

There’s the part close to the beginning…


Clearing the path! We had lots of tools to make the path with. 🙂

We lined ‘The Clearing’ with rocks to make it more defined. It really helped.


We tried to get all of the little rocks and tiny saplings out of the way so we could go barefoot! (Look, a barefoot gal! XD )


We cut down a tree to make the clearing, and then put a fire-ring around it, hoping to burn the stump out. Unfortunately, it was too dry so we had to put out the small fire we made. :/ Maybe when it’s a little wetter. 🙂

DSCN4166.JPGThere was a up-rooted stump that we carried into the clearing and pushed dirt up around it so it really looked like it was there the whole time! In the middle is a little terrarium with a snail and a salamander.


This is the snail, April. She escaped, but while we had her she was really neat! 🙂 Here are some more photos of her. I guess they are all kind of the same… XD



Uh… that’s Sally. XD Or more like the leaf-covered back of Sally. She, unlike the salamander in my previous post, is a Jefferson Salamander. 🙂 She escaped too. :/ But I’m sure we’ll find more!clearing.jpg.png

That’s the clearing!! 🙂 It’s pretty different right now though, we put up a hammock, added some logs for seats, and made another trail branching out of it.

We hope to make lots more trails! Would you like to see more clearings and such?

Also, our grandmother has lots of daffodils! Here are some photos. 🙂



Which of those photos was your favorite? 🙂

Do you ever make trails in woods?


I am hungry for potatoes. XD



Fair Week

**6-2-16: I removed the photos because they showed where I lived**

Last week was fair week!  We almost always enter something or other in the fair and this year I entered 9 things.

All of the stuff together.


My quilt. Me, my sister, and my cousins all did a sewing class this year and we made this quilt (in different colors of course). Believe it or not, I actually got 2nd place!


I entered two photos. One of Carmen and one of a waterfall. 

Here are the pickled banna peppers I made. Logan, Jeff, and I share a garden, and Logan wanted to try to grow them. I thought it would be fun to try. So we bought half a dozen plants ( only three survived, the rest got tilled up by accident). soon we had pretty many and we decieded to pickle them. Yay! a blue ribbon!


I also did pickles.


And relish.


And last but not least, yellow pear tomatoes. We had about 1,000,000 so don’t worry, we still have plenty. Yay! a blue ribbon!


Hope you liked it!


Waterfall at Dark Hollow Falls, Skyline Drive 💧

This waterfall was the reward of our hike, a very beautiful reward.