Thus Ends July

This is several days late, but better late than never! πŸ™‚

My summer seems kinda run together, so I’m not quite sure what all happened in July. Thankfully I have pictures to look back over to see when we did what, and so I shall write about our adventures in July.

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The Diary of Clementine {Final Entry}

Hello, everyone! I’m here with another entry from Clementine. But you’ll have to wait until the end of her entry to see why it’s the final one. πŸ˜›

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Interview/Guest Post With Carmen

Yesterday Carmen suddenly decided that she wanted to write a guest post. I have recently read two interview posts that people did with their younger siblings (one is on a private blog, but the other is here) and I thought they were hilarious. So today I have an interview with Carmen for you to read. Continue reading “Interview/Guest Post With Carmen”

The Diary of Clementine – Entry #13

Time for another diary entry by my Holland Lop, Clementine! I hope you enjoy this month’s entry. πŸ™‚ Continue reading “The Diary of Clementine – Entry #13”

The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry #12

Hello everyone! Clementine the amazing here. I forgot about those bunny sunglasses, I need to make Megan buy some soon. I am now writing my dozenenth (that’s not a word but it should be) entry, and you should be honored to be reading it. Continue reading “The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry #12”

“Beyond Me” || A Lyric Photoshoot With Lily

Hello guys! Today I have a lyric photo shoot starring the lovely Lily. πŸ™‚

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The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 9

Hello, one and all! The great Clementine is back. I almost didn’t write an entry for this month, but I’m squeezing it in, just for you.

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On Smushed Cameras, Dead Sand Dollars, and Corn on the Cob

Here are some very useless, very random facts about me.

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Bunnies, Just Bunnies


I don’t have anything in particular to show you about the bunnies, just some bunny pictures. Shall we begin? πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Bunnies, Just Bunnies”

Clementine’s Diary ~ Entry #6

Hello everyone. ItΒ is now time for Clemmie to write herΒ sixth entry! πŸ˜€ If you want to see Clemmie’s other five entries you can go to my page right HERE where I have put them all on. πŸ™‚

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Photo of the Week {Sniffing}

Hey guys! I’m afraid I don’t have time for a Carmen post. :/ They usually take close to an hour so you’ll have to be okay with a photo of the week.

Here’s Maggie sniffing outside of the bunny cage! (The crack’s not as big as it seems. πŸ˜‰ )

Megan 032.JPG

But I DO have news! πŸ˜€ Let me see if I can remember it all…

A Barefoot Gal’s News Board

Lily from Uniquely Myself thought up a neat game! πŸ™‚ You can check it out here.

Suzy is having an AMAZING giveaway! She’s doing a second and a third place prize even. πŸ˜€ SUZY’S GIVEAWAY

I am doing a pet contest. πŸ™‚ You don’t have to have email or make a post or anything! πŸ˜€ It’s quite simple. πŸ˜› Check out the post HERE on my other blog. πŸ™‚

Misty is doing a really cool writing contest on her blog. πŸ˜€ Check it out!Β  MISTY’S WRITING CONTEST

Inchy B Part five will be posted soon! πŸ˜€

That’s everything that comes to mind at the moment. πŸ™‚



:F :F :F K.A. and I made up that smiley face. πŸ˜›

Bunny Day and Clouds

March has come in like a lion. Tuesday was rather windy, Wednesday was in the thirties, on Thursday it snowed, and on Friday it didn’t get above 45. Right now it is hanging around forty.

Anyway, on Sunday it was marvelous! Our cousin walked home with us from our grandmother’s house and after a few tears from a Carmen that needed to go to take a nap, we ran outside to get some rabbits. All of them got at least an hour outside in the sunshine. Only Clementine needed a leash, the rest just stayed in the shade of the umbrellas, venturing out every now and then.

Ready for some pictures?

A bunny day is…

… riding in wheel barrows…

DSCN3135 (1280x960).jpg

…being held rather awkwardly…

DSCN3134 (2).jpg


DSCN3160 (1280x960)

…lying in the shade of an umbrella…

DSCN3176 (1280x960)

…giving humans ‘the look’ when they put earthworms on your head…

DSCN3187 (1280x960)
Okay, that’s kinda gross. XD

…on guard…

DSCN3163 (1280x960)

… being cool with the humans…

DSCN3167 (1280x960)

… sniffing cameras…

DSCN3204 (1280x960)

… modeling for mud rabbits…

DSCN3223 (1280x960)

… and that’s a bunny day!

I loved writing that! πŸ˜€ We had so much fun last Sunday. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for warm weather, brownie stands, flowers, and… come quickly spring!

To wrap this up, how about a quick cloud collage?

Are you looking forwards to spring?


Β Which do you like better, daffodils or tulips? I think I lean slightly towards tulips because there’s more variety, but I love the sunniness of bright yellow daffodils!

Photo Fill-In Using PicMonkey & Paint

Hey guys! Today I have a tutorial for you. πŸ™‚

To make this you will need two programs: Paint, and PicMonkey.

This is what your thing will look like, with customized outline and photo fill. πŸ˜‰


Ready? πŸ˜€


  1. Go to Bing (well, I guess you could use Google…) and type in ‘____ outline’. For this tutorial I typed in ‘bunny outline’. πŸ™‚ Choose a good outline, one that looks like the one below. It doesn’t have to be transparent, (that’s the checkerboard behind it) but it works a little better 1.PNGΒ The rabbit image was from this site.
  2. Save the picture to your computer and then open the Paint app. pt 2.PNG
  3. Click file, then click open, and select the image you just 3.PNG
  4. Select the paint bucket tool. pt 4.PNG
  5. Fill the outside part with black. Yes, it has to be black. Save your photoΒ and then go Click ‘Edit’ and open your 5.PNG
  6. Once your photo pops up, click the little overlay icon which looks like a butterfly.Β  pt 6.PNG
  7. Click ‘Your Own’ and select the photo you want to use to fill it.Β pt 7.PNG
  8. Make the photo big enough so that it covers the whole rabbit (or whatever you are using). pt 8.PNG
  9. See the little box that says Overlays? Click on the word Normal. When the box drops down, click ‘Darken’.pt 9.PNG
  10. Ta-da! Now all you have to do is save it!

pt 10.PNG

These are really fun to make and they look so neat! πŸ™‚



Clementine’s diary entry will be here soon! πŸ˜€