Little Bits of Farm Life #2

Spring is definitely here. Even though it’s supposed to get below fifty degree Friday, at least that’s a lot warmer than the twenty degrees it was during the snow last month. Continue reading “Little Bits of Farm Life #2”

Donut Making

A few weeks ago we made donuts on a snow day we had. We haven’t made donuts in years, and although it took a while, it was lots of fun. Continue reading “Donut Making”

Happy Spring!

It is officially spring now. Even if it is just fifty-three degrees and cloudy outside, the calendar says that it’s spring, so maybe the weather will live up to that now.

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Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

delicious peanut butter cookies.png

Hello! Today I have one of my favorite cookie recipes. My brother found the original recipe in an old cookbook (see it here on Amazon) and modified it a bit.

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Interview with Anika Joy

Hello everyone!

In my giveaway I did a while back, I said that the person who got second place would get to be featured on my blog with an interview. Anika was the blogger who won second, and so here’s the interview I did with her! Continue reading “Interview with Anika Joy”

The End of BIBPC the Fourth

Today is the end of BIBPC the Fourth. I’m going to be glad for the break, but I do like doing BIBPC. 🙂 Next time I’ll do it in the summer when I have more time. Continue reading “The End of BIBPC the Fourth”

Art Lab Episode 22 {Wuzzing Contest Results

About a month ago we started the Wuzzing Contest on Art Lab. We got seven great entries and 995 votes on the poll we posted! If you want to see all of the Wuzzings and their profiles, go to this post.

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BIBPC the Fourth Category #7

Sorry this was delayed by a few days. Logic was tough this week, so it took me longer than usual to get school done. Anyway, it’s the last category! Let’s see who’s ahead now.

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BIBPC the Fourth Category #6



I saw some really great entries this time! It is hard to get good quality photos of things at night, but I thought that there were some really great photos creativity-wise. Good job, photographers!

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The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry #12

Hello everyone! Clementine the amazing here. I forgot about those bunny sunglasses, I need to make Megan buy some soon. I am now writing my dozenenth (that’s not a word but it should be) entry, and you should be honored to be reading it. Continue reading “The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry #12”

BIBPC the Fourth Category #5


I’m a day late again. But at least it’s just one day! 😀 Continue reading “BIBPC the Fourth Category #5”

The WINNER of the Giveaway


Are you all ready to see who won my giveaway? Remember, there’s a first place and a second place. Continue reading “The WINNER of the Giveaway”

BIBPC the Fourth Category #4


Wow, I didn’t think it was already time for category #4. But anyway, it’s the 8th, so I guess this needs to be posted! Continue reading “BIBPC the Fourth Category #4”