In Which I Give You a Brief Update on Last Post’s Subject

Hey! Me again!

The me that pops on here every few months with not-super-exciting posts. πŸ˜€ Apologies for that, but I wanted to give the people on here who may be interested in Cut+Paste’s progress a little update.

So the Kickstarter got launched in April. It got a lot of support, but sadly not enough to reach the funding goal. Disappointing, yes. Did I give up? Sure didn’t!

I’m back at it again, and I just launched my second Kickstarter attempt today. Kickstarter is a pretty cool way to support a project, actually. There’s a bunch of different reward levels that I could customize for people to choose from. The lowest one is $11, and gives you access to the magazine digitally along with other digital goodies and a vinyl sticker. The highest one is $350 and is the “Co-Editor” reward, which means you could help me plan the next issue and get a bunch of other goodies. And there’s a bunch in between. Ones like, you know, getting the actual magazine. πŸ˜‰

It also is pretty much risk-free on your end. Unless I’m a scammer and don’t ever deliver your reward. But I’m not, so that works out well wouldn’t you say? By risk-free I mean that if you pledge and I only get 50% of my goal, you’re not going to get some halfway product that I made with not-enough money. I have to reach my goal or all the money goes back to the people who pledged it.

So yeah, that’s what Kickstarter is!

I’m pretty excited about it, I hope you guys will be too. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. And if you want to keep up with the Cut+Paste online me in other ways, here’s my website, my Instagram page, my Facebook page, my Pinterest page, and my email newsletter. (Haha yeah I’ve been busy.)

Alrighty, well.



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