In Which Road Trips Are Taken & Dreams Come True

Hello long lost blog readers! I am currently sick so I decided to take this opportunity to write about a very important adventure I went on back in December. (Edit: I'm not sick anymore, I started this a couple of weeks ago and just now finished.) Back in April or May (I think) I discovered … Continue reading In Which Road Trips Are Taken & Dreams Come True

Random Rambles

Hey everyone! I’m tired of wanting to write a post and having no inspiration, so today I’ll push a bunch of things together and make one big post! Unfortunately though, I don’t really have a lot of extra photography on hand since I haven’t been doing much lately. So prepare yourself for mostly just words, … Continue reading Random Rambles

On Pickles, Horrible Football Teams, and Lady Liberty

Time for another extremely random post! "Cutie" Bugs When we were little my siblings and I would sometimes find a little black beetle in our house , and we thought they were kind of cute. (Don't worry, they were harmless. :P) So we named them Cutie Bugs. Whenever we found one we'd put it on … Continue reading On Pickles, Horrible Football Teams, and Lady Liberty

Announcements and Stuff

Hello guys! I have some announcements to make as well as some other random stuff. Let's get started! Number one, I made a YouTube channel! 😀 Don't get too excited though, it just has tutorials for WordPress bloggers. It's like my Need Blogging Help page, only I do videos about it. 🙂 So you don't … Continue reading Announcements and Stuff

Speak Life Quotes

Hello everyone! I found lots of quotes on Pinterest and the web that I really like. They are speak life quotes.  Here are some of my favorites. You can buy some of these quotes on canvases and magnets on his online store. 🙂  

10 Reasons Why Bing is Better Than Google

Hello! I can picture some bloggers doing face-palms when they read the title of this post. XD As some of you might know, I LIKE BING MUCH MORE THAN GOOGLE. Hehe. So here's a post about why I like Bing BEST! But, as I explained to a fellow blogger, I just want to show you … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Bing is Better Than Google

Abortion – They Understand But They Don’t Admit

Read this, guys!

Today, my mom was calculating Student Loan payment and what not on a government student loan site. They asked her many questions, but one caught her eye. She soon brought this question to my attention;

The following questions will be used to calculate your family size. Do not include yourself or your spouse (if applicable) in your responses to these questions. You and your spouse, as appropriate, are automatically included in your family size.
How many children, including unborn children, are in your family and receive more than half of their support from you?

This pretty much proves that even the government believes that children in the womb are still in fact children. Because if they did not, why would they say ‘including unborn children’ to calculate your affordability payment? They want to know how many children you are supporting and an unborn child still counts as a child in their…

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Photography Tip, Hayley’s ATC Trade, and a Very Strange Cat

Aloha everyone! Where do you put all your tiny things you want to post about? In a post like this! 😀 Let's get started.... #1: The Photography Tip Isn't it SO frustrating when your camera won't focus? I found out a way to get your camera to focus on really small things, like tiny flowers … Continue reading Photography Tip, Hayley’s ATC Trade, and a Very Strange Cat

5 Etsy Favorites

Hello everyone! Today I have some of my favorite things from Etsy. 😀 But before that, I need to do a shout out to.... Miss Magic's Memoir! Check out this fun blog HERE. Okay, ready? Let's start. 1 . Little Snowy Owl This is actually one of my sister's creations! Isn't he just so cute … Continue reading 5 Etsy Favorites

Out Of Space

Hey guys! I'm out of photo space, so my posts might be alittle more spread apart until I fix it.

Review: WeeLittleCrafts Mini Woodland Animal Set

Aren't I great at long titles? XD Most of you know that my sister has an Etsy shop! If you don't then you can check it out by clicking on that yellow word way back there that is getting farther and farther away as I type. 😛 Anyway, I wanted to do a review on … Continue reading Review: WeeLittleCrafts Mini Woodland Animal Set

Room Tour

To start with... Oh bother. I'm going to post this post later. I need to take more pictures. :\ Well, see you in, uh, when you read this there will be words right down there, but seeing as I'm gonna leave this go and take pictures, I'll see you either later on today, or tomorrow. I'm … Continue reading Room Tour

A Barefoot Gal Behind the Scenes Part 1

This one is the highest in my poll so far (and I replaced it with another one since I am posting this now) so here you are! Have any of you read Patrick F. McManus? Well, this is slightly based on his style of writing. So to start with, here is what happens when I … Continue reading A Barefoot Gal Behind the Scenes Part 1