Penelope Feather T-Shirts

Hello everyone!

Long time no write! I don’t know when I’ll write another “real” post but for now I wanted to hop on here and let you guys know about a new business I started with my cousin!

It’s almost been exactly two years since I launched Peach & Poppy Co actually! I guess January is a good time for starting businesses. Anywho, I’m certainly not quitting P&P but I have started Penelope Feather along with my cousin, Jianna. It actually just started three nights ago when I had accidentally had a medium coffee right before bed, not thinking about getting decaf, and so was unable to get to sleep. But Dunkin coffee must be good for ideas because that night I thought it’d be fun to start a t-shirt business eventually, and messaged Jianna about it. We brainstormed ideas in the wee hours of the morning and now, three days later, Penelope Feather is born!

(By the way, Penelope Feather is sort of an inside joke between Jianna and I and I’ve often thought it would be a good business name so that’s quite nice. Neither of us are named Penelope though, so I suppose it might cause confusion but no matter!)

We didn’t exactly get the funds for the t-shirt business as quickly as we got the idea, so we decided to start with launching two designs on Bonfire, a site where you can sell t-shirts with no start-up costs. With the proceeds from selling those shirts we’ll hopefully be able to print the first batch of shirts!

So. If you are interested in either a happy “choosing joy” daisy t-shirt or a fancy teacup “indeed.” t-shirt, both illustrated by Jianna, Penelope Feather is here to help! Just click on any of those links to see the shirts/shop. πŸ™‚

available in forest green, gold, and gray
available in light blue, red, and gray

Of course if those t-shirts aren’t quite your style or if you too are lacking in funds, yet still want to help, there’s always spreading the word! Feel free to share on social media (here’s our Instagram and here and here are pins for the two shirts), tell your friends, reblog this post, or whatever you feel like doing to help out – we’ll certainly appreciate it!

If all else fails yet you still want to show your support, now would be a great time to suggest t-shirt designs as we have the whole (hopefully not too short) future of Penelope Feather ahead of us.

Welp, thanks for reading this! Stay tuned, maybe next January I’ll introduce you to a fourth business! (Who remembers my inchworm shop? And it’s name? I myself have momentarily forgotten it, heh.)


38 thoughts on “Penelope Feather T-Shirts

  1. I LOVE these!! Especially the “indeed” tee!! *insert enthusiastic emojis here* What a marvelous idea, and I hope it does super well! :))



  2. These are very cool, Megan. And I’m loving your shop’s name too – it has a fantastic ring to it. Anyways, I’ll be sure to share your new Instagram page when I get the chance. Best of luck to both you and Jianna! I hope your lovely tshirts sell well:)

    (and btw, I do indeed remember your inchworm shop. It was so cute. I can’t remember the name though… was it Inch-by-Inch Crafts or something?? Or did I just make that up? Lol.)

    Liked by 1 person

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