In One Fell Swoop – HERE I GO

OKAY. I'm determined to go ahead and write + post the general life update/recap I've been sort of making for the past month. The thing is, I keep taking too long to make it, so by the time I've gotten half of it done, another month's worth of stuff has happened. But now I'm prepared … Continue reading In One Fell Swoop – HERE I GO

Summer In Review

Yes, I am aware that it's October. But technically, it's been fall for only two weeks. So I shall do a summer post. I feel like this is some sort of tag or something, because first Clara did it, then Allison did it saying that Clara did it, then Charis did it saying that Allison … Continue reading Summer In Review

At Assateague

Hello! We are currently at Assateague in our 'beach house'. It's not exactly on the beach, but it's close and quaint, so I guess it fits the title. ūüôā We arrived here Monday night, so we didn't do much the first day. About a half an hour before we got here, there was a big … Continue reading At Assateague

Off to Assateague

This coming Monday my family is going to Assiteugue and Chincoteague Island. I won't be gone long, just six days, so there isn't really a need to tell you all, but I wanted to make a post anyway.¬† My parents asked us where we wanted to go for¬†vacation, ¬†and I couldn't think of anywhere really, … Continue reading Off to Assateague


Hello! For this post¬†I am going to section¬†the pictures¬†into days.¬† Except for the last four or so days¬†on which I didn't take pictures. Day 1 The first day about an hour down the road we heard a big "POP!"¬† Can you guess?¬† Yep, our tire had popped.¬† Thankfully it was the tire on our RV¬†trailer … Continue reading Vacation


Yes!¬† We are going on vacation in approximately 23 hours! We will be going to Amelia Island in Florida. Do you know why¬†I am so excited?¬† BECAUSE THE WATER WE BE WARM!!! This will be a very new experience for me¬†since the warmest¬†beach I¬†have been to was in Delaware and that really wasn't very warm.¬† … Continue reading VACATION!

Picture of the Week

A lighthouse we saw in Rhode Island.    

Sail Boats ‚õĶÔłŹ

On our vacation to Rhode Island we saw lots of¬† sail boats, here are a few.