In Which the World is Beautiful & I Update You on Life

Hey hey hey! Long time no post! I feel like it's pretty safe to say that that will be my greeting for the foreseeable future. In case ya hadn't realized, I don't post much anymore. 😉 But that's fine with me! I'll just post every now and then when I have the time and feel … Continue reading In Which the World is Beautiful & I Update You on Life

Wildflower Room and Yellow Desk Tour

-this post contains affiliate links- Hello everyone! I'm finally getting around to posting a room tour, hurrah! After about a year my sister Allison and I finally finished decorating our new bedroom, and a few months after that I finally finished putting this post together. So enjoy! I'm not exactly sure why, but the picture … Continue reading Wildflower Room and Yellow Desk Tour


Like you probably already know from the title, today I have some pictures of flowers that I took a few days ago. The lighting was kinda harsh for some of these pictures, but I think most of them turned out well. To start with, here are some clustered bellflowers. Look! It's a baby praying mantis. Next … Continue reading Blossoms

Name That Flower! and Caption It

Aloha! 😀 Proabably some of my readers remember Name That Flower, but I'd be surprised if you remember Caption It. 😛 Anyway! I'll do both. 😀 Le regles: Look at the flowers below Comment saying what you think they are Wait for a post saying what they where and who got the most right Le fleurs: … Continue reading Name That Flower! and Caption It

Day 2/7 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge

Hello again! 🙂 Wow, it seems to easy just to be able to put a picture in a post and then post it. XD But here you go! The second picture of this challenge. 🙂 I like the angle of this photo, don't you? 🙂 I'm going to ask Grace from The Girl Upstairs to do this … Continue reading Day 2/7 of the 7 Day Nature Challenge

Bees, Flowers, and Swallowtails

Vedui', everyone. (Aren't elves great?) Today my two brothers and I went up to our grandparent's house to work on our path. I was taking a big stick back to a brush pile and when I came back a saw a bumblebee buzzing around some bugleweed. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos. Then I … Continue reading Bees, Flowers, and Swallowtails

Cherry Tree Photography

Hey! In my last post I mentioned that we walked to our grandma's house to take pictures of her flowering almond. Actually.... I was wrong. We looked it up and it's really a cherry tree. 😛 Whoops!  But I didn't put a picture on, I was saving that for this post. 😀 These trees are so pretty. I … Continue reading Cherry Tree Photography

Name That Flower! Contest Results

It's the 24th! To start with I will put the flower photos with their names in the caption. Cosmo! Dahlia! Iris! Columbine (this one was the hardest)! Daisy!And now that you know the names, I will post the winner. The winner is... * * * * * * * One Nerdy Owl/Maddie! She got all … Continue reading Name That Flower! Contest Results

Name That Flower! Contest Results

Time to see who won! I thought there might be a tie, but nope, there is a single winner!  Her name is... ****************************** * * * * * * * * * * * * * CLARA!! Not to be confused with Clara from Clara's Craft Corner. My cousin Clara is the winner!  She got … Continue reading Name That Flower! Contest Results

Name That Flower!

I thought up a new game!  It's pretty simple, all you have to do is look at the pictures of the flowers I took, then comment what you think its name is!  I'm not talking about scientific names, just its common name (rose, tulip, etc.).  In about a week I will post the answers. Note: there are no … Continue reading Name That Flower!

Strawflower in Late Summer

I have a beautiful strawflower in my garden and got some pictures I wanted to share with you. After that I went to the rabbits trying to take pictures of them, but Willow was determined to photobomb! I hope you enjoyed these pictures! P.S.  Today is my birthday!  Woo-hoo! Later I might do a post on how to make a … Continue reading Strawflower in Late Summer

Colonial Tulips!

Howdeedoo! You may be looking at the title thinking, "huh?" and I don't blame you.  It is rather a strange title, but I couldn't just say "Tulips," could I?! Well anywho, on to the point.  Our cousins from Canada came a few weeks/days ago and so we went to Colonial (aha!) Williamsburg with them. At Williamsburg … Continue reading Colonial Tulips!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!  Flowers!  Robins! Warmth! Green! SPRING!  Aahhh!  Did you know that I like Spring? It is finally getting warm around here!  On Monday it almost got up to 70.  Crocuses are coming up, robins are bobbin',  and our creek has melted.  I took some pictures as proof even! Enjoy!☻ It appears that cameras do not … Continue reading Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!