In Which Road Trips Are Taken & Dreams Come True

Hello long lost blog readers! I am currently sick so I decided to take this opportunity to write about a very important adventure I went on back in December. (Edit: I'm not sick anymore, I started this a couple of weeks ago and just now finished.) Back in April or May (I think) I discovered … Continue reading In Which Road Trips Are Taken & Dreams Come True

Christmas Tree-ing x2

Hello everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! I'm so excited for tomorrow! And I better get crackin' on this post before Christmas actually rolls around, hehe. (Oh yeah before I start, don't forget to nominate your favorite posts and bloggers in the Best of 2019 Blogging Awards! Check it out HERE.) We decorated two Christmas trees this … Continue reading Christmas Tree-ing x2

Winter Wonderland

We finally got snow!  And tons of it. 😀 I didn't get extremely many photos, but at least you can see how much we got! Wow.. I guess I did actually get pretty many photos! XD Here is a GIF of snow falling. 😀 It's kinda jerky... :/ How many of you guys got snow? … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

The Frost Is on the… Maple Leaf?

Hello readers! A few days ago we got some frost. Normally, we would be getting frost every morning, but this November has had several over-sixty degree days. Anyway, I did get some pictures! Isn’t frost so neat? I hope we get a hoar frost this year! Yes, that is a frozen dew drop! Isn’t it neat? … Continue reading The Frost Is on the… Maple Leaf?

Spring Snow ❄

    Whew! This year has certainly had a lot of snow! I think we have had about 8 snows in the last 3 months. We have gone ice skating, sledding, had snowball fights, and LOTS of hot coca! In between all the snow we have had 68 degree weather, daffodils, and sunshine. Today it … Continue reading Spring Snow ❄