6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day With Happy Mail

I wrote a post! Only it’s on my shop’s website. But I wanted to reblog it here for anyone who wants to read it. 🙂

Peach & Poppy Co.


Valentine’s day is just around the corner and while my yellow-loving-pink-hating self has a slight problem with the color scheme of this particular holiday, it can be a great excuse to send some happy mail to your friends!

I’ve gathered a few ideas for creative ways to make and send some Valentines mail. Also, everything in the photos is available in the shop, except for the candy hearts.

(And on a side note, these particular candy hearts are two years old. I found them in the depths of our freezer and they bringing the typical chalkyness of most candy hearts to a whole new level.)


1. Send a friend an envelope full of encouraging quotes and verses.

Browse through Pinterest, your favorite books, or the depths of Google to find some encouraging quotes and verses. Then get out your pens and paint and go to work! An envelope stuffed full…

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