In Which the End-ish of Quarantine Comes, Hay Gets Made in the Nick of Time, and I Don’t Trip

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided I am a fan of long titles.

Hooray, I’m actually getting around to a monthly review post! Well, to tell you the truth “getting around to it” isn’t usually the problem. I have multiple monthly wrap ups sitting forgotten in my drafts folder. Hopefully this one will make it all the way out into the world wide web.

nellie the goat loves trying to eat pretty much anything and everything, and is not always the most polite addition to a picnic. she is cute though!

May was a lot more interesting than April for sure, because everything was shut down in April because of COVID. (Yes, I’m sure you all know why stuff was shut down but hey, gotta put that in for posterity. You’re welcome, future historians! :D)

DSC_0088 (1000x637)

DSC_0131 (667x1000)

DSC_0082 (1000x664)

The first part of May was pretty uneventful though. Farm work was mostly what went on. The boys and Dad got all the hay baled and put away just before the rain came. It was a rather busy week or so on their part, but we have lots of nice hay to show for it.


We helped out at our local food pantry several times in May. We did lots of lifting and organizing and filling bags. It was so nice to see people again and to be able to help out!

DSC_0194 (1000x630)

We also got to see people we know when our church started having services again! The first was a drive-in service, and then we were able to have outdoor church which we’re still currently doing. I’m so thankful to be able to meet in person again. Zoom church isn’t the same by a long shot.

DSC_0195 (667x1000)
i sadly didn’t get a picture of our pastor in the hunting stand, but this is what he used as a pulpit. XD also, observe my brother and his friend standing a good six feet apart. *applauds*

Why do I always do captions in lowercase? I have no idea, but it seems right.

so many different colors of bachelor’s buttons are blooming in our garden!

My bridesmaid dress for my friend Aria’s wedding (more on that later! :D) came just a week before the wedding, but it was way too long and as I didn’t want to trip any more than I had to, I asked my grandmother if she could adjust it. So I drove the two hours up to her house, which was the longest trip I’ve driven by myself so far.

not from the trip i’m talking about. no worries, i don’t write letters while driving.

It was fun though because I took the back roads and played lots of Switchfoot and NEEDTOBREATHE and admired all the new wildflowers. I also got to see two of my friends and we had ice cream and pumpkin spice instant pudding and CRONUTS! (Croissant donuts. :D) So that was a fun little adventure.

DSC_0276 (1000x667)

I worked a good bit on my Etsy shop in May as I was finishing up my schoolwork for my junior year. I rebranded (because it was becoming very sad not to have any yellow in my shop’s colors) and made several personalized stationery sets for a new snail mail subscription I launched.

DSC_0039 (1000x631)

My favorite was this Dean Martin themed one. XD I don’t even like Dean Martin, but the subscriber I made it for certainly did and it was really fun to figure out how to make it. I don’t normally make them quite this specific, but I wanted to see if I could do it. Thankfully he was singing long enough ago that several of his pictures are in public domain.

DSC_0023 (1000x661)

THE LAST PROBLEM! which i’m actually not sure i got right eheh.

My biggest accomplishment from May was probably FINISHING CHEMISTRY. Goodness I am so very glad to be done with that. That was my least favorite subject by far and very difficult and frustrating. Thankfully I had an actual chemistry teacher for it who was very good at teaching chemistry. If I had to learn it on my own I’m pretty sure I would still be working on it. But I did at last finish and now I’ll hopefully never have to worry about significant figures or balanced equations again.


I had a slice of leftover cake to celebrate. Ooh look, yellow icing!

And finally, the highlight of May came at the very end: Aria’s wedding! It was an amazing weekend and I was so very glad to actually be at her wedding, despite the unforeseen pandemic that kinda threw a wrench in the original wedding plan. It was such a beautiful wedding with delicious food and wonderful people! I didn’t get a lot of pictures because there were so many other photographers there:

DSC_0063 (1000x666)

DSC_0060 (627x1000)

DSC_0052 (1000x667)

DSC_0077 (1000x666)

^^this one was taken by the wedding photographer

But if you want to see more check out my sister’s post or the wedding photographer’s post, and I’m pretty sure Aria’s blog will have some on eventually as well. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, here are the few bits I did capture.

DSC_0030 (667x1000)

DSC_0043 (1000x667)

We listened to all 11 Switchfoot albums from newest to oldest on the trips there and back! It was great. πŸ˜€

DSC_0033 (667x1000)
we forgot to bring masks so i had to use a t shirt when we went into stores. it was annoying, but at least it was yellow! (also do you recognize the shirt? :))

DSC_0072 (667x1000)



Aria did most of the bridesmaids’ makeup, and a hairstylist came to do our hair! Which was quite nice because I have veerryy limited experience in both of those areas eheh.

DSC_0572 (1000x667)
it took half the wedding party to get Aria and her dress up the hill.
DSC_0083 (1000x664)
the monday morning clean-up crew! we also helped clean up a bit on Sunday afternoon and then some of us watched The Princess Bride and it was quite fun. πŸ™‚

The second biggest accomplishment in May is that I didn’t trip on my dress during the wedding. Hooray for me!

Before you go, I’d really appreciate it if you check out the fundraiser that’s going on for a ministry I’m part of. The Smile Project is what it’s called, and it’s made up of several different girls across the US and Canada who send cards and letters and occasionally little gifts of encouragement to people who are going through a tough time. If you want to learn more about it, just visit the Smile Project website, and if you want to buy a shirt or make a donation to support them, click here.

I believe that about covers what we did in May. What were some highlights for you from the past month? Does it feel like 2020 has gone really slowly or really quickly? I hope you all enjoyed this post, and perhaps I’ll be back soon for a June wrap-up post, or perhaps it’ll never appear. Who knows! πŸ˜€

t i n k e r t y – t o n k !

abg signoff

30 thoughts on “In Which the End-ish of Quarantine Comes, Hay Gets Made in the Nick of Time, and I Don’t Trip

  1. I got the first like! At least I think… πŸ˜‚ Anyway, great post! Your photography is always amazing (:


  2. Fun wrap-up, Megan! It looks like your May was quite eventful-ish. πŸ˜€ Those bachelor’s buttons are so beautiful! Aaah, I go crazy when I see flowers. Gotta love them!
    It feels like the year is going by fast and slow. When the year started, it seemed like it was going by super fast (probably because I wasn’t going out). But now since I am out for summer, it feels like June will never end. XD


    1. Thank you Heaven! Yes, eventful-ish is a great way to describe it. They are, aren’t they?? Same here! Flowers are wonderful.
      I know, I can’t decide if it’s going by fast or slow either. XD
      Thanks for commenting! I always love reading your comments. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful post!! I loved all of the pictures; Nellie especially in the first pic was absolutely ADORABLE! 😍😍


  4. This whole post was wonderful! It felt so full of happy occasions and joy and just- YAYYYY! Congrats on the two hour drive to your grandmother’s, because honestly, I think I’d freak out driving two hours alone πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ BUT YOUR DRESS LOOKED BEAUTIFUL. It’s actually a similar shade of blue to my maid-of-honour dress for my brothers wedding, I think. Anyways, you looked stunning in it!! I’m so, so glad that the wedding wasn’t postponed in the end.
    Also, the yellow sunflower tee looked really cool as a bandana. XD And Nellie is super cute :))
    Thank you for this happy lil’ post! πŸ’–


    1. Thank you Sarah!! What a wonderful compliment, I’m glad you think so! πŸ™‚ Thanks! Hehe yeah, I don’t mind it when there’s not much traffic. THANK YOU! Ooh really? That’s so cool! Thanks so much Sarah and YES me too!
      Hehe thank you! Yes, she is a very adorable goat.
      And thank you for the happy lil’ (or not so lil’ :D) comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. YAYY I love this. Aww Nellie πŸ˜‰ I’ve loved seeing all the different personalized subscriptions! Hopefully I’ll sign up for one soon, we’ll see. It makes me so happy to see all the pictures and hear all the stories from Aria’s wedding! I love all the camera war photos xD Proud of you for not tripping, and I’m glad you had a good month πŸ™‚ (ahaha my dad’s a pastor and had to stand on some scaffolding for outdoor services, which was quite entertaining)


  6. Your May sounds like it was wonderful! You and your sister were such pretty bridesmaids. πŸ™‚ It would be fun to be a bridesmaid, but I haven’t had the opportunity yet.
    Our church started meeting again at the beginning of May, and none of us really pay attention to (or care about) social distancing. I personally am sick and tired of hearing about social distancing. XP The thing is, we used to meet in the gym of a school, and now the school won’t let us meet there anymore, so we meet at a different location every Sunday. We’re nomads right now. XD
    Congrats on finishing chemistry! That must be such a relief! And oh boy, that problem looked hard. o.o


  7. I finished chemistry this May as well… let’s just say I relate to your excitement and relief that it’s over. Your Etsy shop looks very nice and professional, by the way! πŸ‘


  8. Hurrah that you did not trip! Also, congratulations on finishing chemistry as it stinks. Heh, I’m not good at makeup (probably because I don’t wear it…πŸ€”) or hair either (although I try). Yay for The Princess Bride and Aria’s wedding and yellow and Switchfoot! πŸ˜€


  9. Yeeep!! I always get so excited when I see you have posted! This post was so happy and just wonderful! That first picture of Nellie! XDD Oh my! XD Ohh! I bet helping out at a food pantry was great! I’ve always wanted to do something like that! πŸ˜€ And those bachelor’s buttons are sooooo pretty! *heart eyes* Cronuts?!! Those things sound amazing!! :DD Eeeeeppp! Your pen pal subscription was such a good idea! The wedding sounds like it was so much fun!! Wonderful post, Megan!! I had a lovely time reading it. πŸ™‚
    -Laura ❀ πŸ™‚


  10. Great post! I loved seeing all the pictures, especially the ones from Aria’s wedding. WOW!!! So excited for her! And you guys were all sooo pretty! πŸ˜€ ❀
    Hey, are you guys going to so summer board games this year? πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you did! Yeess me too, I’m so happy for her! Thanks! πŸ™‚
      I was just talking to Allison about that… We’d love for it to happen but not many/any of last year’s hosts want to do it, so maybe we can work on finding new hosts for it. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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