Summer In Review

Yes, I am aware that it's October. But technically, it's been fall for only two weeks. So I shall do a summer post. I feel like this is some sort of tag or something, because first Clara did it, then Allison did it saying that Clara did it, then Charis did it saying that Allison … Continue reading Summer In Review


At Assateague

Hello! We are currently at Assateague in our 'beach house'. It's not exactly on the beach, but it's close and quaint, so I guess it fits the title. 🙂 We arrived here Monday night, so we didn't do much the first day. About a half an hour before we got here, there was a big … Continue reading At Assateague

Mini Golf

Hello everyone! On Tuesday Dad took Allison and I out to a mini golf place. I took my camera along, as you can tell by the pictures below. 😛 I lost... very badly. 😛 Oh well! It was fun!

Summer Vacation At Last ~ Summer Bucket List

Hello, hello! Today is the first real day of summer vacation for me. We technically stopped school last Monday, but we had to build nests for our poultry houses all week. But we are DONE now! Last night we slept in our camper with our cousins. So fun! And hot... 😛 And then this morning … Continue reading Summer Vacation At Last ~ Summer Bucket List

Picture of the Week⛲️

A picture I took in Rhode Island.

Fair Week

We were off to the Fair! 7 ribbons. 3 canned things, 1 quilt, 2 photos, and 1 home grown thing

Sail Boats ⛵️

On our vacation to Rhode Island we saw lots of  sail boats, here are a few.