Envelope Art With Decorative Paper

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be showing you all some examples of envelope art I’ve done recently that don’t require too much artistic talent, which is fun for me. 🙂 The main thing I’m using is scrapbook paper.

Here are three different types I’ve made recently using decorative paper.

Type #1: Solid Paper

This is a pretty obvious and simple way to use scrapbook paper, but it still makes any envelope look lovely! I especially like using more artsy paper such as the floral print on the envelope below.

I outlined the flowers and leaves with a pen because I like outlining things, but it’s basically just plain ol’ scrapbook paper. For the address I just cut out a circle shaped piece of paper, glued it on, and wrote my friend’s address on top of it. I outlined that piece of paper too. Easy as pie* and a great surprise to have waiting in your mailbox! 🙂

*Pie is quite hard to make, in my opinion.

Type #2: Cut Out Doodles

For this one you’ll need scrapbook paper with doodles or shapes rather than a small pattern. For the envelope I made this way I cut out several camera doodles from a piece of paper, glued them all over the envelope, and cut off the extra that stuck off the sides.

I also used a ruler to make lines going across the paper around the cameras.


Type #3: Strips and Shapes

The last type is also quite simple. I just cut out two strips of some gold and blue scrapbook paper and used that as a sort of border. You could also use triangles in the corners, circles, or whatever. 🙂

I used my friend’s name sort of as a decoration as well so there wouldn’t be so much blank space.

Type #4: Mix Them Together

Here’s another one I made using a mix of the last two types:

I just cut out a fairly thick strip of paper and cut out a couple flowers and leaves to use on the other side. Again I made the name bigger so there would be less blank space, plus lettering is fun even if it’s just simple bold letters. 🙂

So there you have a few different ways to use decorative paper with your snail mail! You could also use these “techniques” for cards, bookmarks, etc. Have fun!

ever decorated envelopes? 

which of the envelopes above is your favorite?

96 thoughts on “Envelope Art With Decorative Paper

  1. oh my goodness! these envelopes are so pretty!! I should definitely try one of these designs next time I need an envelope! 😀 ❤


  2. Ooh! This is so cool, Megan! 😀 I think my favorite envelope is the second one (XD) but I love them all! Your envelopes are always so pretty. 🙂

    -Clara ❤


  3. These are gorgeous Megan! I’m so sorry I haven’t been commenting on your posts, ive been so soooo busy!!!


      1. How odd? It was playing up for me earlier when I was trying to edit posts. I was using a previous post as a template and it wouldn’t save my edits where I was trying to replace photos. Technology eh 🙄


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