Soaring Together 2021

Hello everyone!

As some of you know, I run a small shop on Etsy where I sell stationery and snail-mail-y stuff ( and I recently had the opportunity to put together a presentation for a teen small business course!

It was pretty much my first experience with filming myself talk and it took a good bit of patience, that’s for sure. But on the bright side, all the weird faces that were frozen when I paused it while editing kept me entertained! Also I kept forgetting to breathe so I’d talk a lot and then have to dramatically inhale, which I later chopped out. So if you feel a little out of breath watching me, I apologize. XD

Anywho! I need to explain Soaring a little better I guess!

Anna from Anna Made Design Co (she also has a blog but I can’t get the link to work right now) asked me a few months ago if I’d be interested in being a speaker for this teen small business course she was putting together! Soaring is a course that runs over 3 days, but once you sign up you can watch the videos whenever. There are presentations on running an Instagram for your shop, taking good product photos, starting a blog, writing a shop newsletter (that’s mine!), and more!

Here’s a video that Anna made that explains it a little more.

She’s also going to be doing giveaways and mini courses and lots of other fun stuff.

Okay so here’s the thing: it’s free!! There is a toolkit you can purchase with some extra resources and courses, but the main part is free to anyone who signs up. And to do so, just click here!

If you want to get the toolkit, you can either get it through that link or directly through this link which are both affiliate links so you’ll be supporting me that way!

I’m pretty excited about this and I hope you guys will be too! Again, if you don’t think you’ll be able to watch all the courses or whatever, that’s perfectly fine because 1) it’s free! and 2) you can always watch them later. So if you’ve been wanting to start a business or want to hear about some ways to grow your own business,

Let me know if you have any questions or anything! πŸ™‚ Also, thanks for taking the time to read this.

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