Thus Ends July

This is several days late, but better late than never! 🙂

My summer seems kinda run together, so I’m not quite sure what all happened in July. Thankfully I have pictures to look back over to see when we did what, and so I shall write about our adventures in July.

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The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 10

Hello fabulous fans! It is I, the amazing Clemmie. There are a lot of things I need to inform you about. I think there’s at least four…

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Maggie Doesn’t Like Baths

Hello everyone!
Maggie does not like baths. At all. She doesn’t like anyone putting anything wet on her, but then when she’s hot she’ll go lie down in the creek. Continue reading “Maggie Doesn’t Like Baths”

Feeding the Rabbits

Hey guys! Today I will give you a tour on how we feed the rabbits and what it involves. Continue reading “Feeding the Rabbits”

The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 8

Okay guys. I’ve got something to tell you. It’s not about me, Clementine, but it’s still pretty exciting.

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Fair Pictures

Here are some pictures that I’m entering in the fair. 🙂 I can’t decide which ones to do though, what do you think?

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New Pets!

Don’t get overelly excited, our new pets aren’t fuzzy creatures. But they are pretty cool. 🙂 If you haven’t guessed what they are yet, then I’ll have to tell you I suppose. 😛 I’ll give you time to guess….




There we go! XD They are fish!

Get ready for a lot of words… :[]

You might remember a post about our crayfish a few months ago. Crayfish are really neat, but the one problem is algae. We gave them tons of rocks and other hiding places, but the thing with that is they get lots and lots of algae on. We were cleaning our big ten-gallon tank every two weeks! And it only stayed clean about one week.

On Monday we decided that maybe the crayfish should go to the pond. We hoped that if they weren’t in there and their hiding places weren’t in there then it would take longer for the algae to come. Oh wait, did I mention that the crayfish had forests of algae growing on their back? Yes, they did. And you can’t very well put them in boiling water and scrub them with an old tooth brush like you can their hiding places.

Anyway, Allison and Logan took them down to our creek to live in open spaces. Jeff and I (with some… help… from Carmen) cleaned all the algae off the tank and the rocks. We got rid of the big rocks that collected algae, and then we begged mom to let us go get fish after supper.

Mom and Dad consented and after supper we went to Petco. We took about an hour deciding and getting our fish, and then back home we went to put them in the tank. Now there were no crayfish to rip off their fins (yes, one unfortunate fish met that fate) and they swim about quite happily with our old minnows. Right as I type I can see all our fish swimming about in the tank.

Whew! That was a lot of words! If you got through that, you shall be rewarded with photos of the fishes (that is grammatically correct), all nine of them. 😛

Starting with Allison’s fish, named Mandy. She is a gold dust molly.

Megan (Inchy B, clay, keyboard, jinx, fish, clouds, geese) 091 (1280x960)

Megan (Inchy B, clay, keyboard, jinx, fish, clouds, geese) 107 (1280x960)
She’s a little camera-shy, but in this photo she’s the yellow one with the black eye. 😛

Then there’s Logan’s fish.

Name: Hal (Hungarian for ‘fish’)

Breed: Gold Panda Lyretail Molly

Jeff got a Red Wag Platy and he named it Freddy.

Carmen got two fish. One was a goldfish that she named Sarah.

Her other one is a Sunset Platy and she named it Coral, but we just figured out that ‘she’ is actually a male. 😛

And now for mine. 🙂 I also got two fish. The one is a Dalmation Molly and I named it Dixie.

My other one is what we call a ‘Sucker Fish’. XD He is really a Bristlenose Plecostomus. I named him S. J. which stands for Sucker Jones. 😛 He likes to hide, so I only got one picture of him when he was stuck to the tank. 😛

Megan (Inchy B, clay, keyboard, jinx, fish, clouds, geese) 042 (1280x960).jpg

And then our old fish, Skippy and Thing 1 (Thing 2 died) we think are Bluntnose Minnows that we caught in a river. They are hard to tell apart, but here are some photos.

Wow… this post was rather long. XD You should know plenty about our fish now!


Whew, I finally got my weekly GIF up! :/ 😛

Posts From the Ancient Times #1

I’ve been thinking about doing these for awhile. This is a post that I published long ago (in the ancient times). Enjoy!


Amusing Animals

Here are a few funny pictures of our pets/animals around us.



Megan 486


Megan 481

DUKE (our Grammy’s dog)


Megan 58222

Maggie and Jinx


PicMonkey Collage43


Here are others you can caption yourself.  Just put it in a comment!




Megan 738





Megan 589

Hope you like it!



You can still caption those, if you want! 😀


MCSFM Challenge!

K.A  made up this challenge a while ago, and now I am going to do it!

Here are the rules.

  1. make up a story problem with dogs in it.
  2. Choose 5 people to also do the challenge.
  3. Say what type of animal you have, what breed, what color it is, and what it’s name is, and what you like best about it!!!
  4. Find a new blog and comment on it, and share what blog it is
  5. Make up a few written sentences that will get your commenters wanting to see more!
  6. And lastly, share your favorite book series, or book or Books!

Here is my dog story problem. I think they are supposed to be like math problems. 🙂

If Maggie gets scratched by Jinx 5 times and then two days later she gets scratched 2 times, how many times has she gotten scratched?

Poor Maggie… 😥 XD

But for number two, here are the people I will nominate!

Genna Clara Jacelyn kittylover6 Nicole. Whew! That took a while!

Number three: I have a rabbit. She is a Holland Lop. She is light and dark brown (and very cute). Her name is Clementine, but I usually call her Clemmie. The thing I like best about Clementine is that she is so cute and curious. 😀 ♥

Okay, the new blog is, Check it out! 😀

My sentences: ‘It was terribly cold out in the bunny cage, and I was all alone in the corner. Well, I guess I could have gone in with the other bunnies, but they seemed like strangers now that I had been apart from them for a whole month.’

Whether you want to hear more or not, you will! That is going to be part of Clemmie’s diary entry which, I must say, is a tad late….

Anyway, my favorite book series is Anne of Green Gables! I love her imagination and the funny adventures she gets into. 😛 This quote is hilarious if you have read Anne of Green Gables.



Are there any other Anne fans out there?


So that’s it! 😀 I hope you enjoyed this little challenge. ;D


If you are an Anne fan, what is your favorite book in the series?

Photo of the Week ~ 11-16- 15

Here is a hilarious photo of Diamond accidently doing a split. She was trying to walk on the wood floor. 🙂



Only three more days until Thanksgiving!

10 Fun Things That Will Cure Your Boredom (At Least For a Little Bit)

Hey guys!

Here are 10 fun things that you can do easily, not many materials required.  Actually, towards the bottom you might need a few more things to make it work.  Also, you might need some outside room.

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Colonial Tulips!


You may be looking at the title thinking, “huh?” and I don’t blame you.  It is rather a strange title, but I couldn’t just say “Tulips,” could I?!

Well anywho, on to the point.  Our cousins from Canada came a few weeks/days ago and so we went to Colonial (aha!) Williamsburg with them.

At Williamsburg there is a Governor’s Palace, with Palace Gardens.  And in the gardens there are beautiful tulips!  So, I just had to post about them!



DSCN7651 (1024x576).jpg

DSCN7566 (1024x576).jpg

DSCN7658 (1024x576).jpgDSCN7659 (1024x576).jpg

And those are the tulips!  I will also give you the privilege of seeing a squirrel I saw in the garden.


And about the contest,  I didn’t post the results on the 18th because they were tied, but now they aren’t!  So…..

Third place goes to…


Second place goes to…


First place goes to……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Clara’s Craft Corner!!!



Pet Photo Contest Results

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It’s the 13th! Time to see who wins!  First of all I want to thank everyone who entered.  I am so happy you did.  I am so sad if you didn’t get around to it, but I will probably have more contests soon, so stay tuned!

Okay so most people wanted me to be the judge, but since I am doing first, second, and third place, I decided that I am going to pick the three best, and you vote which you like most.  Just please, don’t vote for yourself.

Okay, I guess I have to pick the three best.  UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!  Okay.  The three best are….



Blacky’s Cuddly World,

and Clara’s Craft Corner!

Here are their pictures,


Saige4crafts’ cat Cupcake,


Kittylover6’s cat Blacky (Blacky’s Cuddly World),

maude2 012

 and Clara’s dog Maude(which, by the way, looks exactly like our dog Maggie!

So PLEEAASSEE vote!  I will announce who has won first, second, and third place on the 18th.

Thank you so much!!