Random Snippets

Today I will be doing a post filled with random snippets of things I’ve been doing or photographing lately. Like my tagline says, my blog is basically a bunch of random snippets made into posts, but I decided to make a random snippet of a post filled with random snippets. 🙂

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Little Bits of Farm Life #2

Spring is definitely here. Even though it’s supposed to get below fifty degree Friday, at least that’s a lot warmer than the twenty degrees it was during the snow last month. Continue reading “Little Bits of Farm Life #2”

In Which Casey Won’t Cooperate


Most of you have probably heard about Casey, our amazingly cute kitten. (If not, you can read about her here) Anyway, I thought I’d take pictures of her with some props when she was in one of her “sleepy modes,” but appearently her sleepy mode wore off as soon as I started. Continue reading “In Which Casey Won’t Cooperate”

Photography Tip, Hayley’s ATC Trade, and a Very Strange Cat

Aloha everyone!

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Posts From the Ancient Times #1

I’ve been thinking about doing these for awhile. This is a post that I published long ago (in the ancient times). Enjoy!


Amusing Animals

Here are a few funny pictures of our pets/animals around us.



Megan 486


Megan 481

DUKE (our Grammy’s dog)


Megan 58222

Maggie and Jinx


PicMonkey Collage43


Here are others you can caption yourself.  Just put it in a comment!




Megan 738





Megan 589

Hope you like it!



You can still caption those, if you want! 😀


Leibster Award!

I have decided to do this award that Josie nominated me for. 😀

leibster award.jpg

I decided to make my own button. 😀

Also, I will be using lots of GIFs for this post. 🙂

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Photo Shoot With Coffee Bean

I realized a few days ago that poor Coffee Bean has never been mentioned since way back in the beginning of September. He has grown up quite a bit and is now a close to full grown cat!

Here is his well-deserved photo shoot.

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LOTS of Random Photos

I have so many random photos! I use some of them in Photo of the Weeks; but still, that would take awhile to use them all up, and then I would have taken even more! So, here they are! Let the random photos begin.

001 (1024x576)006 (1024x576).jpg022 (1024x576)026 (1024x576)031 (1024x576)072 (1024x576)

031 (1024x576) (2).jpg105 (1024x576)

This is a painting I did with pokeberry and leaf juice.

061 - Copy (1024x576)

Very stylish outfit, Clementine!

003 - Copy (1024x576)

001 (1024x576) (2)

Megan 015Megan 022Megan 036Megan 059

My giant bear my grandparents got me for my birthday.

017 - Copy.JPG

The window of my dad’s tractor got hit by a rock, but the tint held the pieces in place! As far as I know, it still looks that way!!031 (1024x576) (3).jpg

Gourd stand!002 (1024x576) (1024x576)038 - Copy (1024x576)

008 - Copy (1024x576)

038 - Copy (1024x576)

A hot air balloon! When we saw this, we hoped it would come down on our property, but no such luck. We did get to go balloon chasing though and watched them deflate it too.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 174 (1000x563)

Alum powder under a microscope

006 (1024x576) (2).jpg


Maggie loves to snuggle in the leaf pile.

I told you it was going to be a lot of photos! Which was your favorite one?



The Diary of Clementine~ Entry One


Clementine will be sharing entry number one today with us.  She plans to keep a pretty regular diary, but isn’t sure if she will always remember.

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Caesar and BoBo

Some of you that read this are probably thinking “Wha?” While others, (looks at Loren and Allison and winks) know what I am talking about. I think.  Continue reading “Caesar and BoBo”

6 Places I (Jinx) Have Slept In

*This is told as if Jinx himself was telling it*

Hello fans!  Wait a sec, MEGAN!  Uggh! It is SO annoying when Megan types in MY post.  I mean, everybody can tell that my posts are WAY better than hers.  Like, she posts about MAGGIE!  Isn’t that so sad? What is this world coming to?  Anymeow, let’s proceed, shall we? 

1.  This sleeping place has a velvet cushion that I can sleep on. It’s just a old chair cushion in the basement, Jinx. Whatever!  And may I metion you did NOT take a picture? Ermmm. Well, it is quite comfpurrable and I rate it 5 stars. Top Notch. Continue reading “6 Places I (Jinx) Have Slept In”

Caption It! Winners

Yes, that’s right there are winners. They are………










Abigail:  “This is my territory! Don’t you dare come near it!”

And Rebakah @  American Girl Guide: ” IT’S MINE!!!!!! The bed is all mine!!!!!!!!”

I liked them all but I decided these two were the best. This is the picture.



A Valentine Cat

Here is a short story I made up.  Happy Valentines Day!

A Valentine Cat

By Megan

It all happened early one Valentines morning. I, who am 10, was downstairs eating a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, and an apple when I heard a little meow. It came from outside on the doorstep. I opened the door, and to my surprise there was a little kitten! She had a cardboard heart around her neck that said, “Hi! I am a little kitten with no name and am looking for a home.“ On her fur she had white hearts. Other than that she was completely black. I wondered how she had got there.

Then my dog FuFu, who hated cats, and never let one in his territory, came running. He started growling but the cat just sat there and purred and purred. She came to FuFu and licked him with her very pink tongue. FuFu just sat there looking very annoyed.

I went and got my mom who was still in bed. “Mom!” I said. “There’s a strange cat outside! She has little hearts on her and a big cardboard heart around her neck. And FuFu doesn’t even mind her!” The thing my mom was most surprised about was that FuFu did not mind the cat. She got out bed and came down stairs to see. There was FuFu with the cat, and he was actually letting her eat out of his food bowl! “Wow!” Said my mom. “That cat must have put an enchantment on FuFu.”

Then my little sister Mia who just turned three came down from her bedroom. “Kitty!” she yelled, and picked the cat up and squeezed her. Really hard. “Stop that and please put her down.” I told Mia. Immediately Mia put her down and said, “Oh, okay Ellie” The cat must have put an enchantment on her to! My little sister hardly ever cared to listen to me.

My brother Evan came down stairs. “What’s all the noise?” He asked. “Ev” Mia said. “Look at the kitty!” Then to Mom, “Can we keep kitty?”. “We’ll have to ask your father” Mom replied. “He doesn’t like cats very well, but maybe this one will be different.”

“Daddy’s home!” shouted Mia. “Look Daddy!” said Mia, “Come and look at my kitty!“ I rolled my eyes. Yup I thought look at my kitty. Dad laughed, “you know I don’t like cats so you might as well not try to get me to like this one!”

Dad walked inside and sat down in his easy chair to read the news. The cat leaped up into his lap and Dad started to stroke it! Our mouths dropped. Since when had Dad liked cats? Dad looked at us ad smiled sheepishly. “Well,” he said, “I might as well enjoy her while she’s here!”

At the dinner table Mia spilled some milk “Mia!” Mom groaned. The cat (we had decided to call her sweetie much to Nathaniel’s sorrow ) came into the room and cocked her head and looked at dad. “Go on, lick it up” he told her. She walked over to the milk and started licking the milk. Soon it was all gone.

The next day Dad went shopping and brought back cat food, a litter box, a scratching post, and a collar. We finally had a cat. But we didn’t just have a cat, we had a Valentine Cat.

The End