Baby Bunnies

As you probably could tell from the title, we have baby bunnies now! Our rabbit Willow just had four tiny babies on Monday. It’s been over half a year since we’ve had baby bunnies, and almost a year since we’ve had some that survived, so I’m quite happy that we have more bundles of fuzz! (Although they don’t have terribly much fuzz at the moment.)

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September Photography

Hello guys!

I’ve gathered together some photos I’ve taken in September so far. 🙂

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Nine Day Old Bunnies

Hey guys! I’m here with some photos of our baby bunnies who are just nine days old. 🙂

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Clementine’s Diary ~ Entry #6

Hello everyone. It is now time for Clemmie to write her sixth entry! 😀 If you want to see Clemmie’s other five entries you can go to my page right HERE where I have put them all on. 🙂

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Guest Post by Carmen #3

Carmen’s guest post is here! Enjoy! 😀

Here is what is special. Guess who my favorite blogger is, and then I’ll tell you. K.A is my favorite blogger! Lets go to a picture. Here’s a picture of my cake. Now look below.Carmen 022.JPG

If you’re wondering what that animal is, it’s a bunny! I chose it for my own. I like all of it except for it’s nose is maybe a little bit to big. My mom thinks she is bad at making cakes sometimes, but she really isn’t. I think she’s great. We have to clean our fish and crayfish tank every time it gets a lot of algae on because algae grows on it. Let me tell you a little story about the bunny.

There was a little bunny who lived in the woods. And that little bunny had a other bunny friend and ate other bunny friends. That bunny had a skunk friend too and a raccoon friend too and also a fawn one. And that little bunny it was time to leave its mother now because it had gotten older! 🙂 And the bunny had a very good life though when it was without its mom. The bunny was a brown bunny. And it always drinked water from the lake when it was thirsty and it always found apples near the apple tree. Soon, that bunny had a baby bunny to take care of. She named it Susan and Susan was a very good little bunny. And when Susan had her own little bunny, she named it Clara and Clara didn’t have any babies. If that little bunny Clara did not have babies, she would not be a mom she would be a lady bunny. One day, a beautiful humming bird flew by and Clara saw it flying backwards. She never knew a humming bird would fly backwards before. And she became old.  The End!! 🙂 🙂

Now will you see another picture? Carmen 026.JPG

This is my stuffed animal that I got from Hobby Lobby for my birthday. 🙂 Now can I move onto something else? I’m going to move on to my bunny! And I’m going to make a poem about her. Are you ready for it?

My bunny’s black, my bunny’s white speckled, do you know that it’s my bunny. 🙂 My bunny’s cute my bunny’s kind of cuddly, but my bunny’s always a little bit grumpy.

If you like my guest post, please give me a comment! And I forgot all about guest posts. I have some clay and one thing I made was this, it’s Bob and Larry! I’m going to show this to you.

Carmen 044.JPG

If you like it, I don’t. Very much at least. It doesn’t look like Bob and Larry very much. But I suppose it’s OK… but not the best. I also made a bunny set but I can’t show it because I gave it to someone at their birthday. And I also gave a clay cat to my grandma for her birthday. And I think it’s going to be close to the end right now. But I’m going to talk about a few more things about my friends. One of my friends is named Katie and one of them is named Katherine. And my cousin is named Annaliese and I really like her!!! The End.

This is Carmen’s coloring page for the coloring contest we are doing.

Carmen 041.JPG

This is mine. 🙂

Megan (inchworm, coloring page,) 155.JPG




(Forgotten)Photo of the Week


I forgot that I needed to post the photo of the week when I published my other post today! But here it is. 😀 That rabbit is our friend’s rabbit, named Snickers. Isn’t he SO CUTE?

And also, here is some news!

  1. For those of you who are participating in BIBPC, Shannon is now joining team Tulip!  Shelby might be joining team Rose. 😀
  2. There’s a really neat blog right here that is having a thing where you can enter to see if you can do a guest post on her blog! See her post on it here. 😀
  3. Clementine has decided she will skip January’s diary entry. 😉
Thank you for reading! Goodbye!
All in favor of a new sign-off, say ‘Whadoodle!’! XD

BIBPC Category #2


Well, we are snowed in from church today. Our church hardly ever closes because of snow, so you can be sure it snowed a lot! 😛

Yay! We got through the first round. 😀 I have written out who I got photos from and how many points that team now has. Also, I given the teams that only have four people an extra 5 points. 🙂


I got photos from


The Camera Lens (Rachael)


Nicole (The Secret Life of an Irish Dancer)


Points: 53


I got photos from





Christian Homeschooler

Points: 58


I got photos from

AG Dolls And Fun




Points: 51


I got photos from


Josie can not get her photo yet, but I will add her points when she can.

Nicole (Girl Meets World Blog)


Points: 37

If you didn’t see your name but you did send me a link to your photo, do tell! 😀

I saw lots of cute animals in the last category; I can’t wait to see what photos you send me for the next category which happens to be….


But before you leave, I have two more things to say. One, at the end of the contest I want to pick one photo that I think is the best of all. Will that be okay with you guys? 😕

And two, if you need some photography tips, visit Maddy’s post here!

Alright, you may go. 😉


Why did I pick food? I better just look at your photos after I eat, otherwise I might get too hungry! XD

Posts From the Ancient Times #1

I’ve been thinking about doing these for awhile. This is a post that I published long ago (in the ancient times). Enjoy!


Amusing Animals

Here are a few funny pictures of our pets/animals around us.



Megan 486


Megan 481

DUKE (our Grammy’s dog)


Megan 58222

Maggie and Jinx


PicMonkey Collage43


Here are others you can caption yourself.  Just put it in a comment!




Megan 738





Megan 589

Hope you like it!



You can still caption those, if you want! 😀


Photo of the Week ~ 11-16- 15

Here is a hilarious photo of Diamond accidently doing a split. She was trying to walk on the wood floor. 🙂



Only three more days until Thanksgiving!

Yoshi Switches Blogs

Hey There!

We got another pet. What?! You’re not surprised?? Well, I guess we do get new pets pretty often, but this guy is pretty special. 🙂 Continue reading “Yoshi Switches Blogs”

Photo of the Week ~ 11-02-15

UPDATE: There are actually two photos of the week for this week. I meant there to only be one, but I must have scheduled this one awhile ago and forgotten about it! 😛

On a hike we went on awhile back there were lady bugs EVERYWHERE at the end of the hike! Here is a picture of one crawling on a rock.



LOTS of Random Photos

I have so many random photos! I use some of them in Photo of the Weeks; but still, that would take awhile to use them all up, and then I would have taken even more! So, here they are! Let the random photos begin.

001 (1024x576)006 (1024x576).jpg022 (1024x576)026 (1024x576)031 (1024x576)072 (1024x576)

031 (1024x576) (2).jpg105 (1024x576)

This is a painting I did with pokeberry and leaf juice.

061 - Copy (1024x576)

Very stylish outfit, Clementine!

003 - Copy (1024x576)

001 (1024x576) (2)

Megan 015Megan 022Megan 036Megan 059

My giant bear my grandparents got me for my birthday.

017 - Copy.JPG

The window of my dad’s tractor got hit by a rock, but the tint held the pieces in place! As far as I know, it still looks that way!!031 (1024x576) (3).jpg

Gourd stand!002 (1024x576) (1024x576)038 - Copy (1024x576)

008 - Copy (1024x576)

038 - Copy (1024x576)

A hot air balloon! When we saw this, we hoped it would come down on our property, but no such luck. We did get to go balloon chasing though and watched them deflate it too.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 174 (1000x563)

Alum powder under a microscope

006 (1024x576) (2).jpg


Maggie loves to snuggle in the leaf pile.

I told you it was going to be a lot of photos! Which was your favorite one?



Clementine in the Grass

Yesterday I took Clementine for a walk down by our ‘creek’ (its about one foot wide and three inches deep 😊).  She was being a good little model and I got some pretty good pictures of her, but then she decided to cross the creek and landed in the middle of it.  🙂  Poor Clemmie.

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