BIBPC #5 {First Category}

Featured image made by Charis.

YAY IT’S HERE! IT’S AUGUST 12th! I can’t wait to get started! 😀

First, the teams.

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BIBPC the Fifth


Here is my semi-celebratory blog post for 1,000 followers. Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest is back! (Ugh, I really wish I had named it something else but I don’t want to change everything now. BIBPC it shall have to be.)

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The End of BIBPC the Fourth

Today is the end of BIBPC the Fourth. I’m going to be glad for the break, but I do like doing BIBPC. 🙂 Next time I’ll do it in the summer when I have more time. Continue reading “The End of BIBPC the Fourth”

BIBPC the Fourth Category #7

Sorry this was delayed by a few days. Logic was tough this week, so it took me longer than usual to get school done. Anyway, it’s the last category! Let’s see who’s ahead now.

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BIBPC the Fourth Category #5


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BIBPC the Fourth Category #4


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BIBPC the Fourth Category #3


Ready for the third category, everyone? Let’s see which team is ahead…

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BIBPC the Fourth Category #2

Hey everyone! It’s time for the second category of Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest.  Ready to see which of the four teams are ahead? Continue reading “BIBPC the Fourth Category #2”

BIBPC the Fourth Category #1

Hello everyone! I can’t wait to get BIBPC #4 rolling. Let’s get started with the teams.  Please, please tell me if I missed you!

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BIBPC #3 Ends


BIBPC Poster by Megan.

Hello all!
BIBPC #3 has ended. 😦 Thank you everyone for participating!

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BIBPC #3 Final Category (#7)

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BIBPC #3 Category #6

Here are the team’s points! 🙂

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