Hello everyone!

BIBPC 6 is now over. Sniff! But I think this one was my favorite BIBPC yet and I really loved all your entries! I’ve already said that a couple times and I’m guessing y’all (why am I using y’all now?) are eager to see the results so LET US BEGIN.

Italics = I got your photo. * = I got a poster from you.



BIBPC #6 Team fox

  1. Anika 
  2. Hannah 
  3. Aria Lisette  *
  4. Rhi || the caramel marshmallow
  5. Jaylee A. 
  6. Rose @ apurposeofwingeddogs
  7. K.A.
  8. Ara

Points from Category 1: 52.5

Total Points: 386BIBPC #6 Team owl

  1. Olivia Bell *
  2. Amie
  3. Gracie *
  4. Mya 
  5. Isabel Eleison 
  6. Reya Heya 
  7. Liz – Home with the Hummingbirds 

Points from Category 1: 60.5

Total Points: 393

BIBPC #6 Team rabbit

  1. Clara *
  2. Sam(antha) *
  3. Rose (7 make-up points)
  4. Sarah *
  5. Annie 
  6. vaishnavi 
  7. Sarah @ paper-ish

Points for Category 1: 88

Total points: 481.5

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

  1. Joy18 
  2. Jo @ The Lens & The Hard Drive *
  3. Laura *
  4. Rosy Marr
  5. Rebcake *
  6. Esmerelda 
  7. Maria *

Points from Category 1: 89

Total Points: 579.5

WELL THEN. Next time I’m separating you guys on Team Bear! I think you guys beat the record of all other BIBPC teams for points-to-teammates ratio.

Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who entered especially when your team was losing! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

For my favorite photo from this round, I’m going with Gracie’s:


Why she did this picture:

So, of course, a camera isn’t invincible. But, the pictures that it captures help our memories to be a bit more invincible than if we hadn’t taken them. 🙂

And I pick Clara’s poster for the poster for BIBPC 7!

Alrighty guys, I gotta run to book club, so I’ll post this before it gets any later. YAY BIBPC! Also I’d love it if you’d tell me some thoughts and suggestions for future BIBPCs:


abg signoff

38 thoughts on “BIBPC the Sixth {RESULTS}

  1. Great job to all the teams! Beautiful poster, Clara 😉 Although this was not the best month in terms of me-having-time-to-take-and-post-pictures, I’m looking forward to future BIBPCS xD

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    Well done Rabbits, at least we came second.
    Thanks for hosting this Megan, it was my first time and I’d love to do it again!

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  3. Yayy! Congratulations to team Bear and to all of the teams who participated!! (And yay Owls we made 3rd!!) .
    This was a great round of BIBPC! Though it is kind of sad that it is completed. I thought the categories were fun and unique, and the schedule seemed nicely organized as well. 🙂
    Thanks for picking my photo as the favorite this round! ☺ 😀
    I’m off to the survey 🙂 . Thanks for hosting again!

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  4. YAY!!!! CONGRATS EVERYONE!!!!!!! Y’all Bears did pretty good, I have to say… *applause* But SO DID EVERYONE ELSE! YAY! Thanks so much for doing this, Megan! It was SUPER DUPER FUN!!!!

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  5. YAY TEAM BEAR! *grudgingly shakes Laura’s hand* XD Thank you again for hosting BIBPC, Megan! It’s always so much fun. 😀 And thank you for picking my poster – I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

    -Clara ❤

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  6. Thanks so much, megan!!!🌻 This was my first time in BIBPC and it was so fun!!! 🌸Can’t hardly wait till next time!!!🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🌸🌻🌸


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