BIBPC the Fifth


Here is my semi-celebratory blog post for 1,000 followers. Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest is back! (Ugh, I really wish I had named it something else but I don’t want to change everything now. BIBPC it shall have to be.)

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Art Lab Episode 22 {Wuzzing Contest Results

About a month ago we started the Wuzzing Contest on Art Lab. We got seven great entries and 995 votes on the poll we posted! If you want to see all of the Wuzzings and their profiles, go to this post.

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The 30 Song Challenge

30 Song Challenge

Hey guys!
I saw Kellyn did this over at Reveries, so I decided I’d try it. 🙂 Now this is extremely long, so if you have no interest in what my music tastes are, I won’t press you to read this post. 🙂 You may find it interesting though.  Continue reading “The 30 Song Challenge”

June’s Greatest Memories {Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge #1}

 June was awesome. It was the first of summer vacation, a month where we got to go to our neighbor’s pool whenever, and the month where we had our first campfire of the summer. Continue reading “June’s Greatest Memories {Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge #1}”

In Which BIBPC the Second Comes to a Close

Guten Tag! 🙂

Yep. BIBPC the Second is ending. Today you get to see which team won and I’ll also do the winning photo of each category, just for fun. 😉 Ready? OKAY!

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AAWC Story and PTPWC Story

Hey guys! Today I combined the challenge from Misty’s writing contest and Samantha’s writing contest into one story! 😀 I used the prompts and my team’s name. Here it is. Continue reading “AAWC Story and PTPWC Story”

BIBPC the Second, Category #2

*Announcer’s voice* And now, for the second category of our popular challenge, the Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest!

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MCSFM Challenge!

K.A  made up this challenge a while ago, and now I am going to do it!

Here are the rules.

  1. make up a story problem with dogs in it.
  2. Choose 5 people to also do the challenge.
  3. Say what type of animal you have, what breed, what color it is, and what it’s name is, and what you like best about it!!!
  4. Find a new blog and comment on it, and share what blog it is
  5. Make up a few written sentences that will get your commenters wanting to see more!
  6. And lastly, share your favorite book series, or book or Books!

Here is my dog story problem. I think they are supposed to be like math problems. 🙂

If Maggie gets scratched by Jinx 5 times and then two days later she gets scratched 2 times, how many times has she gotten scratched?

Poor Maggie… 😥 XD

But for number two, here are the people I will nominate!

Genna Clara Jacelyn kittylover6 Nicole. Whew! That took a while!

Number three: I have a rabbit. She is a Holland Lop. She is light and dark brown (and very cute). Her name is Clementine, but I usually call her Clemmie. The thing I like best about Clementine is that she is so cute and curious. 😀 ♥

Okay, the new blog is, Check it out! 😀

My sentences: ‘It was terribly cold out in the bunny cage, and I was all alone in the corner. Well, I guess I could have gone in with the other bunnies, but they seemed like strangers now that I had been apart from them for a whole month.’

Whether you want to hear more or not, you will! That is going to be part of Clemmie’s diary entry which, I must say, is a tad late….

Anyway, my favorite book series is Anne of Green Gables! I love her imagination and the funny adventures she gets into. 😛 This quote is hilarious if you have read Anne of Green Gables.



Are there any other Anne fans out there?


So that’s it! 😀 I hope you enjoyed this little challenge. ;D


If you are an Anne fan, what is your favorite book in the series?

Introducing… BIBPC!

And what is BIBPC, you ask? It stands for Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest! contest.jpgI’m gonna try to explain it for you. Lets see how this goes. Continue reading “Introducing… BIBPC!”