BIBPC The Sixth {Category Six}

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a lovely day today. 🙂 It’s supposed to snow here later today, so that’s fun! Although when it melts it will be even more soggy… ah well. We can enjoy it while it lasts!

Also, how do you guys like my new blog design? It has a new mascot.

Alright, if your name isn’t in italics then I didn’t count your photo. So tell me if I did it wrong!


BIBPC #6 Team fox

  1. Anika 
  2. Hannah 
  3. Aria Lisette 
  4. Rhi || the caramel marshmallow
  5. Jaylee A. 
  6. Rose @ apurposeofwingeddogs
  7. K.A.
  8. Ara

Points from Category 1: 13

Total Points: 272

BIBPC #6 Team owl

  1. Olivia Bell
  2. Amie
  3. Gracie
  4. Mya 
  5. Isabel Eleison 
  6. Reya Heya 
  7. Liz – Home with the Hummingbirds 

Points from Category 1: 43.5

Total Points: 298.5

BIBPC #6 Team rabbit

  1. Clara
  2. Sam(antha) 
  3. Rose
  4. Sarah 
  5. Annie 
  6. vaishnavi 
  7. Sarah @ paper-ish

Points for Category 1: 39.5

Total points: 346

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

  1. Joy18 
  2. Jo @ The Lens & The Hard Drive (donkey picture!)
  3. Laura 
  4. Rosy Marr
  5. Rebcake 
  6. Esmerelda 
  7. Maria

Points from Category 1: 69

Total Points: 425

GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Why didn’t y’all enter many photos this time? XD Well, it makes things interesting I guess! And shout-out to Rose from Team Fox for entering a photo. 🙂 Don’t worry though guys, I HAVE A PLAN! Which may or may not work. But anyway, read on to see what it is!

Oh, but first lemme show you my favorite photo!


HAHA ISN’T THAT GREAT? Amie from Team Owl took this picture!

And now for the second-to-last category! With a twist. HAH!







Category the Sixth: Epiphany

Alas, I did not have an epiphany about what to do for this category, but I did figure it out eventually. XD


Seeing as this is the second to last category, and as January is National Oatmeal Month, I am going to make a bonus entry option that I’m not sure anyone will do. You can take a bonus picture of anything that makes you happy and you’ll earn three extra bonus points… for a team other than yours! 😮 You can pick any another team to “donate” the points to, as long as it’s not team bear your own team. XD But yeah, it would certainly be best to do it for a team without many points.

Welp, that’s kind of a strange thing to do, but I guess I’ll see how it turns out! And yeah, it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s National Oatmeal Month.

If you’re using the survey option, go HERE. Photos are due by 11:59 PM EST on January 18th! If you can’t take a photo this week, tell me before this coming Wednesday and I’ll give your team seven make-up points.

That’s it! Thankfully I’m less tired this time. 😉 Oh, and I’ll try to get the final result of Best of 2018 up next week!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

megan sign-off 2

60 thoughts on “BIBPC The Sixth {Category Six}

  1. Greetings and Salutations, Megan! Here, as requested, is the link to the digital photographs in response to this most indubitably meaningful and insightful prompt known by the elusive name of epiphany, as well as its philanthropical (in regards to my fellow competitors in this friendly and light hearted competition) counterpart, that is to say, bonus entry.
    I took the liberty of adding it into a post of random reflections, and thus you may need to scroll carefully to the captioned photos in said post. I shall take my leave and bid you a simply most wonderfully exuberantly eventful evening!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I would like to express my appreciation for your entry into my contest. And I also would like to request the reason for you using such extensive vocabulary. And would like to apologize for my failing to write as verbose a reply as should be expected.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, it was merely a jesting matter, Ms. Megan, I was only attempting to, as you say, crack a joke with the extensive and verbose words arranged into even more verbose sentences! So a reply back in that similar fashion is hardly necessary. 😀
        (Read: I’ve been hanging around with too much geeks I start to pick up on the lingo. :P)


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