BIBPC the Sixth {Category 3}

Hello everyone! It was fun to see all of your photos for the "7 c's" category! Chestnuts seemed to be the hardest thing to manage, so congratulations to Sarah of Team Rabbit for real chestnuts. And to Jo, for the water chestnuts. I must say that's pretty brilliant. XD Alrighty, on to the points! Again, … Continue reading BIBPC the Sixth {Category 3}

My Story for C.W.W.C.

Loren is doing a writing challenge over at her blog Blue Eyes Gray Eyes. Here is my story. I munched on my peanut butter, cheese, and honey sandwich while looking into my cup of hot tea.  With my imagination I turned it into a gloomy forest.  Tall and foreboding trees rose up from the center … Continue reading My Story for C.W.W.C.