BIBPC the Sixth {Category 4}

Hello everyone! Well, we're about half way done with BIBPC now. It has been going great so far! And sorry about the random day-ahead thing. I actually meant the photos were due by the 21st, but I wrote the 22nd. Which is fine, because I couldn't have posted yesterday anyway. Well, shall we get right … Continue reading BIBPC the Sixth {Category 4}


BIBPC The Sixth {Category 1}

Hello everyone! BIBPC is officially starting today! Thank you so much to everyone who signed up and for your enthusiastic comments. 🙂 If you haven't signed up yet and still want to, just head over to the sign-up post, read the rules, and comment! I'll be accepting new participants for pretty much the rest of … Continue reading BIBPC The Sixth {Category 1}


**STILL ACCEPTING NEW PARTICIPANTS**Hello everyone!  It's been donkey's years since the last BIBPC, has it not? So I think it's high time BIBPC VI makes its appearance!  {poster designed by sarah} A lot of my readers know about or have participated in BIBPC before, but there are most likely going to be some who have … Continue reading BIBPC RETURNS! (BIBPC the Sixth)

BIBPC #3 Final Category (#7)

Yipes! It's almost over! 😮  **UPDATE** I just now got Livtayy's photo, (bad me) so now Popsicle is ahead. Aria K.A. Livtayy AnonymousA Christian Homeschooler Addylover Points Earned this Time: 80 Total Points: 367 Cookie Anika Reya Sarah Ali Points Earned this Time: 61 Total Points: 357   Louise Allison Nabila at Hot Town Cool … Continue reading BIBPC #3 Final Category (#7)

BIBPC #3 Category #6

Here are the team's points! 🙂 Aria Lily Christian Homeschooler Addylover Points Earned this Time: 50 Total Points: 284 Cookie Mya Reya Ali Points Earned this Time: 32 Total Points: 296   Evy Louise Allison Zielle Nabila at Hot Town Cool Girl Lydia Points Earned this Time: 78 Total Points: 309 Gracie Grace (The Girl … Continue reading BIBPC #3 Category #6

BIBPC the Second, Category #5

Hello everyone! 😀 Guess what?! My last post was #300! 😮 WOW. Wow.  YAY! 😀 Well, we've gotten to number five. There should be around two more weeks of BIBPC left. 🙂 Ready to see which team is ahead this time? 😀 The Girl Upstairs AddyLover Points: 289 Clara Kellyn Samantha Points: 288 Heather Anna Allison Katie T … Continue reading BIBPC the Second, Category #5