BIBPC 7 Category 1

Hello everyone! IT’S 2020! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and decade. And ooh look, it’s BIBPC time! Thank you to everyone who signed up! 🙂 Sign-ups are still open all throughout the contest, so if you missed the first sign up post you can go ahead and do that now, and you’ll … Continue reading BIBPC 7 Category 1


Hello everyone! GUESS WHAT! If you haven't already guessed, then you need to read titles more often. But YES, I now have a DSLR camera and I love it so much! I've had a lot of fun taking pictures recently with it. I don't have a very wonderful lens yet, so taking pictures in places … Continue reading I HAVE A DSLR!

Best of 2018 {Finale!}

Hello everyone! Yay, it's finally here - the reveal of who won what award in the Best of 2018 Blogging Awards! After this and BIBPC, maybe I can start to do some more normal posts. 😛 Is everybody ready? I've designed badges (with Hector the bumblebee on them) for the winners, so feel free to … Continue reading Best of 2018 {Finale!}

BIBPC the Fourth Category #5

I'm a day late again. But at least it's just one day! 😀 Team Owl: TEAM OWL: Gracie Karissa Reya Danielle Lexie April Zielle K.A. Nicole (In Our Dreams) Suzy Points from Category #1: 72 A few people had to leave BIBPC, so if you would like to join BIBPC now, Team Owl has spots … Continue reading BIBPC the Fourth Category #5

On Smushed Cameras, Dead Sand Dollars, and Corn on the Cob

Here are some very useless, very random facts about me. I like cold French toast. It's really good! My first camera was a small orange camera. I forget what brand it was... I think I got it when I was eight. I have about two pictures from it. One is of our old RV, and … Continue reading On Smushed Cameras, Dead Sand Dollars, and Corn on the Cob


Hey guys! I have a few updates to tell you guys. 🙂 But I'm going to show you some pictures I got of a pretty rainbow. So now for the updates... My camera broke. 😥 It still takes fine pictures though, but the display screen cracked so I can't see what I'm taking pictures of … Continue reading Rainbow

Camera Quotes

Hey guys! I wanted to share some photography/camera quotes with you today. 😀 Enjoy! The ones with out 'vias' are the ones I made up and designed. 😀 {via} Noo... that's not my reason... but this is so funny! XD Photo via  

A Bubbly Post

Hi Guys! Who realized that this week is Bubble Week? XD Isn’t that such a wonderful idea? Also... if you aren't wearing green, then pinch your self. I would pinch you myself, but I can't quite reach through the screen. 😛 Or maybe you are reading this and its not St. Patrick's day. If so, … Continue reading A Bubbly Post

Introducing… BIBPC!

And what is BIBPC, you ask? It stands for Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest! I'm gonna try to explain it for you. Lets see how this goes. BIBPC is a contest where photographers can compete with each other. You will be organized into teams and given a category to take a photo of. When you have taken the photo … Continue reading Introducing… BIBPC!

I Just Got My Camera, I Just Got My Camera!

Does that title remind anyone of Blue's Clues? Anyone? But the title is right! I got my camera!!! I'm afraid you will have to brace yourself, because I will be spouting out millions of exclamation points... xD I ordered my camera about a week ago and it said it would arrive from December 12th to … Continue reading I Just Got My Camera, I Just Got My Camera!