Updates + Snippets + Lots of Random Photography

Hello everyone! Since I haven't been posting very much lately, I thought it would be good to have my next post be kind of an update and snippets post. And I have a good amount of random photography to show you, so why not throw that in too? šŸ™‚ Shall we begin? We have a … Continue reading Updates + Snippets + Lots of Random Photography


Introducing… BIBPC!

And what is BIBPC, you ask? It stands forĀ BoringĀ Into BeautifulĀ Photography Contest!Ā I'm gonna try to explain it for you. Lets see how this goes. BIBPC is a contest where photographers can compete with each other. You will be organized into teams and given a category to take a photo of. When you have taken the photo … Continue reading Introducing… BIBPC!