BIBPC the Fifth Category #2


Featured image made by Charis.

We got back from Florida last night (it was amazing), so I’ve spent a lot of today grading all of the photos and replying to all the comments. But I’ve finished grading everything I think and am ready to write this post.

First of all, who wants to see how many points the teams got?

If your name is in italic that means I didn’t get your photo.

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BIBPC the Fourth Category #3


Ready for the third category, everyone? Let’s see which team is ahead…

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AAWC Story and PTPWC Story

Hey guys! Today I combined the challenge from Misty’s writing contest and Samantha’s writing contest into one story! 😀 I used the prompts and my team’s name. Here it is. Continue reading “AAWC Story and PTPWC Story”