BIBPC The Sixth {Category 5}

Hello everyone!

I’m a little weary right now so hi there, thanks for reading this post, let’s get right into it. XD

Remember, italics mean I got your photo!


BIBPC #6 Team fox

  1. Anika 
  2. Hannah 
  3. Aria Lisette 
  4. Rhi || the caramel marshmallow
  5. Jaylee A. 
  6. Rose @ apurposeofwingeddogs
  7. K.A.
  8. Ara

Points from Category 1: 50

Total Points: 259

BIBPC #6 Team owl

  1. Olivia Bell
  2. Amie
  3. Gracie
  4. Mya (donkey photo too!)
  5. Isabel Eleison 
  6. Reya Heya 
  7. Liz – Home with the Hummingbirds 

Points from Category 1: 65

Total Points: 255

BIBPC #6 Team rabbit

  1. Clara
  2. Sam(antha) 
  3. Rose
  4. Sarah 
  5. Annie 
  6. vaishnavi 
  7. Sarah @ paper-ish

Points for Category 1: 91

Total points: 306.5

BIBPC #6 Team Bear

  1. Joy18 
  2. Jo @ The Lens & The Hard Drive (donkey picture!)
  3. Laura 
  4. Rosy Marr
  5. Rebcake 
  6. Esmerelda 
  7. Maria

Points from Category 1: 81

Total Points: 335.5

Yay, good job everyone! GO TEAMS!

Guess what – my favorite photo wasn’t of a donkey! (But those are much appreciated, Jo and Mya.) I decided to go with a rather creative Fur E photo by Clara of Team Rabbit. 😀

And for category five, the third-to-last category, we have:





Category the Fifth: Disguise

I’m interested to see what you guys come up with for this one!

If you’re using the survey option, go HERE. Photos are due by 11:59 PM EST on January 11th! If you can’t take a photo this week, tell me before this coming Wednesday and I’ll give your team seven make-up points.

And that’s all. 🙂 As I mentioned, I’m exhausted (certainly that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that my friend and I were typing on a typewriter on a wet porch at 12:00 am this morning) so I bid y’all adieu! XD

megan sign-off 2

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