BIBPC 7 Category 1

Hello everyone! IT’S 2020! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and decade. And ooh look, it’s BIBPC time! Thank you to everyone who signed up! 🙂 Sign-ups are still open all throughout the contest, so if you missed the first sign up post you can go ahead and do that now, and you’ll … Continue reading BIBPC 7 Category 1

DIY Design #3: Combinations (Creating Color Palettes and Font Combinations)

It's time for our third topic of DIY Design! If you missed Clara's last post on fonts, go to her post on her blog here. Today I'm going to give a few tips on combinations. Namely, color combinations and font combinations. I'll start with color combinations. Another thing real quick, I mention PicMonkey a lot in here … Continue reading DIY Design #3: Combinations (Creating Color Palettes and Font Combinations)

4 Free Bible Verse Printables (+ a Bonus Christmas Printable)

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be doing something a little different. I’ve created four free bible verse printables for you all, plus a bonus Christmas printable. For the first printable I used these graphics. For the second, I used these graphics which I bought on Etsy. On the third printable, the arrow graphic is … Continue reading 4 Free Bible Verse Printables (+ a Bonus Christmas Printable)

I’m Designing Blogs!

Hello guys! I decided I'd like to get into blog designing. Would any of you guys want me to design your blog? It would be free, definitely. If I get really good at it I might require a price later on, but for now, there's no cost. If would like me to design your blog, … Continue reading I’m Designing Blogs!

BIBPC #3 Ends

BIBPC Poster by Megan. Hello all! BIBPC #3 has ended. 😦 Thank you everyone for participating! Aria livtayy K.A. Lily AnonymousA Christian Homeschooler Addylover Points Earned this Time: 91 (Everyone on team Popsicle entered a photo this time! Bravo!) Total Points: 458 Anika Reya Kate (Scatterbrained Seamstress) Sarah Ali Points Earned this Time: 82 Total … Continue reading BIBPC #3 Ends

Graphic Design

Salut! I'm sitting here with a warm Casey on my lap. Aww... 🙂 Fuzzy kitty. Anywho, I really enjoy graphic designing and photo editing and stuff, and I thought I'd show you some random designs I've made. 🙂 OW. Casey, my arm isn't a chew toy! Ahem. This one I made on PicMonkey (<affiliate link). The … Continue reading Graphic Design