DIY Design #1: Using Clipart in Your Graphics

Clara and I are doing a series called DIY Design. You can read more about it in my previous post, but the main point of DIY Design is to help beginner bloggers with graphic design, and hopefully we’ll give some tips and ideas to the bloggers who have been blogging a while. Continue reading “DIY Design #1: Using Clipart in Your Graphics”


Best of 2016 – FINISHED

It’s over! The Best of 2016 Blogging Awards is officially done. Now it’s time to see what the wonderful nominees won. Let’s get started, shall we?

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October Highlights and November Goals

October was really fun! Here’s what goals I got done last month:

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Best of 2016

Hello everyone!
Last year I did the Best of 2015 awards. Basically, my readers nominated blogs and blogger’s posts that they loved in a survey. After the survey time was up, I gathered all the nominated blogs/blog posts together and you all voted on your favorite. Finally, ten days later, I posted the winners. Continue reading “Best of 2016”

The Art of Blogging

Hello, everyone.

Two of my classmates, Bethany and Kelsie, are making a newspaper in co-op. Here is one of my articles I wrote for them!

When Bethany asked me to write an article about how hard it is to keep up with a blog, my first thought was, “it’s not really that hard for me.” But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that while I have gotten used to a regular blogging schedule, it does take effort to run a blog. You have to either ask the owner of that image you found on the internet if you can use it, or else you have to link back to their website. Even though I’m not a fan of Grammar at all, you need to know it to run a good blog. And spelling too. Pay attention the little read squiggly lines. It’s not that hard to fix typos! It helps to have a laptop and good typing skills. Maybe you are better at typing on phones than I am, but even typing up a post on the iPad can make me frustrated. It is much easier to type up a post on a laptop or desktop, and I find that the faster I can type, the more apt I am to write longer and better posts. Phones are nice for taking a quick picture, but spending 100-150 dollars on a nice digital camera can really improve the looks of your blog.

And time, you’ll definitely need time. Don’t just start a blog on a whim. Think where you can get the time to write a post. Don’t just think that ten minutes is enough to write a blog post. I agree that you could have time to write a twenty word post about your cool shirt in ten minutes, but writing tiny posts about cool shirts probably won’t get your blog anywhere.  Think about what you’d like your blog to be about. Sports? Photography? Writing and stories? Baking? Or maybe you just want your blog to be a mix of all of the above, with a few extremely random posts thrown in. That’s basically what my blog is, and I have so much fun writing posts on it.

My blog doesn’t have thousands of followers, and I don’t have a super fancy DSLR camera to take pictures with. I don’t have my own domain name either, but I’m fine with that. However, my blog does have posts that I like to look back on. (And yes, posts from a few years back that I cringe at when I re-read them) It has posts that I want to publish. Not twenty word posts about cool shirts. Don’t think that it’s anywhere near amazing. It’s just a little blog about my life. If I blogged like I did two years ago, I’m not sure how happy I’d be with it. I learned a lot about blogging in two years. You may write a good blog and not get any readers for the first several months, or you may write a good blog and get over a hundred followers in the first year.  But to tell you the truth, I’m happy with my little corner of the internet just how it is. I don’t need 1,000 followers or my own domain name. I just have fun blogging.

Ta-da! How did you like it? 🙂


September Highlights and October Goals

Hello world.

I’ve done anything like this before, but I’m gonna give it a go. 🙂

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Interview with AnonymousA



Today I have the guest post of AnonymousA. She won second in my giveaway and she decided on an interview! I came up with a bunch of questions, she chose ten of them, and we had a guest post. 😛 Continue reading “Interview with AnonymousA”