Christmas Tree-ing x2

Hello everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! I'm so excited for tomorrow! And I better get crackin' on this post before Christmas actually rolls around, hehe. (Oh yeah before I start, don't forget to nominate your favorite posts and bloggers in the Best of 2019 Blogging Awards! Check it out HERE.) We decorated two Christmas trees this … Continue reading Christmas Tree-ing x2

Autumn Exploration

Hello everyone! The other day I decided to drive around our farm on our four-wheeler and explore a little bit. A couple days later my family went on a walk back through the woods to collect fall leaves and (in the case of my brothers) hack down poor innocent saplings. I took my camera along … Continue reading Autumn Exploration

BIBPC the Fourth Category #6

UPDATE! THIS IS ACTUALLY CATEGORY 6! (Sorry, my bad :/ ) I saw some really great entries this time! It is hard to get good quality photos of things at night, but I thought that there were some really great photos creativity-wise. Good job, photographers! Let's see how the teams are doing, shall we? Team … Continue reading BIBPC the Fourth Category #6

The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 2}

*crowd cheering* YAY! PART TWO! Heh. heh. Onto the story! If you haven't read the first part, then go find it. Just kidding. ūüėõ Click HERE. ¬†Allison didn't preview this post, so there may be typos! Hehe! After a¬†long, hard,¬†journey, Inchy B had finally reached Mt. Cellophane.¬†It was so beautiful Inchy B could have cried. … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 2}