Autumn Exploration

Hello everyone! The other day I decided to drive around our farm on our four-wheeler and explore a little bit. A couple days later my family went on a walk back through the woods to collect fall leaves and (in the case of my brothers) hack down poor innocent saplings. I took my camera along … Continue reading Autumn Exploration

A Fall Walk

Yesterday my two sisters and my mom and I went on a walk through a woods that's on our property. There were lots of gorgeous red maples and acorns scattered along the path, and, since I took my camera along, I have many pictures. 🙂 I like most things about fall except for the fact … Continue reading A Fall Walk

In Which I Take a Walk and Get Eaten by Cows

A few days ago I decided I would go outside and talk a walk in a place we call 'The Sycamores'.  (Sycamores are types of trees 😉 ) Maggie jogged along with me and stopped to chat with the cows along the way. She used to be so scared of them! On the other side … Continue reading In Which I Take a Walk and Get Eaten by Cows

Random Photos and a Caption It!

Howdeedoo?! First off, I’m going to show you my random photos.  Here is a black snake that I saw crawling through a roll of wire. And then here is a picture of me driving the mower, or rather, a picture of the steering wheel of the mower. And here is the tasty mint ice cream … Continue reading Random Photos and a Caption It!