Autumn Exploration

Hello everyone!

The other day I decided to drive around our farm on our four-wheeler and explore a little bit. A couple days later my family went on a walk back through the woods to collect fall leaves and (in the case of my brothers) hack down poor innocent saplings. I took my camera along for both things so today I’ll be showing you some of the pictures I took!

When I was driving around on the four-wheeler it was golden hour, so I got a lot of sunlight pictures. πŸ™‚ As you can see, there’s still a lot of green on the trees. Fall is a little late this year!

DSCN8642 (1489x2000)

Hurricane Michael hit us a little bit and our creeks got super big! You can see how far up it got by the sand.

DSCN8643 (2000x1500)

Maggie joined me and happily trotted along side the four wheeler and photobombed\posed in my pictures. πŸ™‚

DSCN8652 (2000x1500)

DSCN8653 (1498x2000)

DSCN8665 (2000x1500)

I went down one path but then had to turn around because there was a big tree across it.

DSCN8689 (2000x1500)

There is a lot of smart weed around this time of year. I really like seeing big patches of it along the road. It’s quite pretty.

DSCN8695 (2000x1422)

Look! Slightly colorful leaves!

DSCN8705 (2000x1495)

DSCN8711 (2000x1500)

As I headed around our big hay barn I saw a plump ground hog sitting in my path. I stopped the four-wheeler and called Maggie so she could have the fun of getting rid of the (kind of cute) pest, but she didn’t come. Instead, the groundhog decided he’d take refuge under the four-wheeler! He even stayed there when I got off to take picture of him, but he didn’t seem very pleased.

DSCN8726 (2000x1500)

DSCN8727 (2000x1476)

I called for Maggie once more and he decided he should leave. So he ran toward the barn and squeezed his chubby self under it to take refuge behind some hay bales.

DSCN8729 (2000x1435)DSCN8730 (2000x1498)

All that was left of him was his little tail sticking out.

DSCN8731 (2000x1487)

After that little escapade I continued on. I didn’t do much after that except find some goldenrod.

DSCN8737 (2000x1475)

DSCN8739 (1500x2000) (2)

DSCN8742 (1500x2000)

Now onto the next exploration! Jeff brought his machete along so he could have the wonderful joy of hacking things to bits. It reminds me of this quote from The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien:

“No other folk make such a trampling,” said Legolas. “It seems their delight to slash and beat down growing things that are not even in their way.”

But don’t worry, in other ways Jeff is not at all similar to orcs. πŸ˜‰

DSCN8746 (2000x1500)

Cattail being slashed:

DSCN8750 (2000x1500)

Jeff in action (as he most always is).

DSCN8767 (2000x1426)

Now that Dad combined some soybeans there’s more places to explore that we couldn’t get to when the fields had crops in.

DSCN8773 (2000x1500)

DSCN8774 (2000x1434)

DSCN8812 (2000x1500)

Here’s one tree that wasn’t full of leaves:

DSCN8827 (1500x2000)

Hark! Rivendell! We decided this little hunting stand should be called Rivendell because Jeff “reforged” his stick sword there once when he was pretending to be Aragorn. It’s one of many hunting stands on our farm and Jeff and I hope to fix it up a little bit into a sort of fort/tree house thing. My siblings and I also decided we should name all the hunting stands after places in books. Any ideas?

DSCN8835 (1500x2000)

More fall leaves.

DSCN8841 (2000x1404)

DSCN8844 (1500x2000)

DSCN8847 (1500x2000)

DSCN8850 (1491x2000)

And that concludes our explorations! Oh, before I go, I decided to mostly do bookworms in my Etsy shop. So far I just have a “generic” bookworm and a Gandalf bookworm. If you have any ideas for other bookworms, just say so in the comments!

image 0
click to view this bookworm’s listing

Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you have a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

any ideas for hunting stand names?

do you think groundhogs are cute or not?

megan sign-off 2

fun fact: ground hogs are also called whistlepigs.Β 

31 thoughts on “Autumn Exploration

  1. That’s so neat you saw a groundhog! I’ve never seen one outside of a cage. Haha! Rivendale. XD You could name one hunting stand Cair Paravel, and then another one after one of the places in The Mysterious Benedict Society.


  2. Ooh, looks like fun! Your pictures (as always) are gorgeous and it looks like you guys have been having so much fun! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ Fall does seem late this year, as none of our trees have turned very much either. XD I love your new Etsy Shop design! πŸ™‚


  3. Lovely pictures!
    *claps* You just compared Jeff to an orc. Though I like slashing through things too, so I can’t judge πŸ˜› And aw, poor ground hog!
    Ooh, names! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Bag-End, Moria, Gondor, Rohan, (all LOTR XD) Legolas, Hawkeye, Dun Broch, the list goes on…


  4. I love the pictures! The picture of smart weed is really nice! And I love the color of golden rod (is that what it’s called?) I love all the landscape pictures! And in the other fall leaves picture, the leaves almost look like stars shapes!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!


    1. Thank you Grace! Yeah, I like taking pictures of smart weed! And golden rod is beautiful (yup, that’s what it’s called). Yeah they really do! It’s from a sweet gum tree.
      You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting!


  5. Ooh, I love these, Megan! How I wish I could go on fall walks with you guys. :/ Aha, a hunting stand! Allison and I climbed up in one when we were there. Unfortunately, I have no name ideas. Also groundhogs! Are not cute. Also your bookworm is so cuuuute! And ha ha, Jeff and the machete. Sounds like him. XD Lovely post, Megan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Aria! Yes, you’ll have to come in the fall sometime so you can! Yep! Jeff and I got the roof on Rivendell last night. Poor groundhogs… but thanks about the bookworm! Indeed. Thanks Aria! And thanks for commenting!


  6. I loved seeing all your pretty photography! But that groundhog was huge, hahaha! That’s so funny he ran under your atv! xD


  7. YAY! You posted! πŸ˜€ This was a great post! I loved seeing all of your photography, especially the pictures of the groundhog. πŸ˜› I wouldn’t say he’s exactly cute, but he’s definitely an interesting-looking animal! I also really liked the flower photos and the last one with the moon in it. πŸ™‚
    I think Jeff and Abram would get along quite nicely. Abram enjoys pointlessly destroying innocent plants too. XD
    Ooh, I love naming places after books! We have a little house made of branches that we named Lumenaria like the forest in KOTLC. Rivendell looks like it will make a great fort. πŸ˜€
    As for bookworm ideas… how about Aslan from Narnia or a character from Winnie the Pooh? You could do little donkey ears and make Eeyore! That would be adorable. XD

    -Clara ❀


    1. I did indeed! Thanks! Yeah, he looks a little scowly or something, but he also looks very squishable. XD Thanks!
      Haha! That seems to be a common trait in brothers I’m afraid. XD
      Ooh cool! Yes bookish names are great.
      Great ideas! I think I’ll try Aslan. I’m interested in seeing how an inchworm with a mane looks.

      Liked by 1 person

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