5 Ways to Decorate a Bulletin Board || Collab with Clara @ Clara & Co.

Hello everyone!

Today one of my blogger friends, Clara, and I will be bringing you all a collab about one of our favorite things: bulletin boards!

I haven’t been using bulletin boards that long, but I really love them! It’s a nice way to keep things I want to display somewhat organized and it’s also helpful for reminders and organization. Clara and I came up with 10 tips and tricks for decorating bulletin boards. I’ll be posting five of them, and you can hop over to Clara’s post to see what the other tips are!

To start with, I’ll show you guys an overview of my bulletin board:


Maybe not the most aesthetic one around, but I like using my bulletin board not just to display pretty things, but also to display memorable things. 🙂 And now let’s get onto the five tips!

1. Washi Tape Border

This is the first thing I did to my bulletin board. Washi tape is incredibly fun to use on pretty much anything, and it definitely spruces up bulletin boards! I’m using this nice wide washi tape (I think it’s from Hobby Lobby), but you could do it with regular tape – it just would take longer.

bulletin board 1

Then you just get four super long pieces and put them on! It’s a little difficult to put it on without wrinkling it, but it’s pretty easy to redo if you mess it up.

bulletin board 2


bulletin board 3

2. Decorate Your Tacks

bulletin board 8

Tacks are pretty vital to a bulletin board-er, so why not make them pretty and fun while you’re at it? Or, if you don’t love crafty things, there are plenty of tacks/pushpins you can buy. Such as these cute little flags that Clara gave me for my birthday!

bulletin board 7

One fun way to make tacks is to paint clothespins and glue flat tacks to the backs of them. All you need is hot glue, paint, tacks, and clothespins.

bulletin board 4

It’s very simple and a nice way to hang up things you’ll be taking down and replacing often or things you don’t want to get punctured. 🙂

bulletin board 5

And then you can just get regular ol’ tacks and bring out your sharpies, paint, clay, buttons, washi tape – what ever you want – and decorate them! Just be warned that they aren’t the biggest canvas you can find, so you may want to go easy on a lot of detail.

bulletin board 6

3. Use Washi Tape Reminders

To-do lists are a great thing to put on your bulletin board, but sometimes if there’s something you think of while you’re in the middle of things it’s nice to just stick a little reminder on your bulletin board. I like using pieces of washi tape for this:

bulletin board 9

You can either stick them directly on the board or use the edge of your bulletin board and write small. 🙂

bulletin board 11
By the way, happy homemade bread day! XD

4. Use Tacks to Hang Up Your Stuff

bulletin board 10

Tacks are also helpful as hooks to hang jewelry and the like on. You should probably get a pretty long, sturdy tack so that it can actually hold things up.

bulletin board 20 (1)

5. Miscellaneous Stuff

There’s always the quotes and pictures and to-do lists to put on bulletin boards, but there are plenty of other fun things to hang up! Here are some things that are on my bulletin board.

Washi tape banners are fun and easy to make. Just wrap some pieces of washi tape over a piece of string, cut into triangle shapes, and pin on your bulletin board!

bulletin board 12

Flowers/nature-y things are another pretty decoration. Whether it’s dried flowers and leaves or fake ones, they work well to fill in those little spots.

bulletin board 14

A tiny calendar is another nice thing to add to your board. Even if it doesn’t have any room to write things on, I find it helpful to know how many days it is until my brother’s birthday or what day Thanksgiving is on, which you can figure out by glancing at your calendar.

bulletin board 15
Ugh, I just realized this one starts on Monday which is going to really annoy me so I’ll probably be changing this later. Hehe.

Envelopes from your pen pals are another thing to hang up! If your pen pal likes to decorate their envelopes they (the envelopes, not your pen pals) make fun decorations, and you can keep the letter inside until you get around to replying!

bulletin board 16
Envelope art credit to Clara. 😉

Origami is another little thing to add! My pen pal (Clara again, actually) made this cute bunny and sent it in a letter so I decided to hang it up on my bulletin board too.

bulletin board 17

What about mustard?

bulletin board 18

Okay maybe not mustard.

That’s it for the five tips, but Clara and I each designed three little printables for you to put on your bulletin board. I have yet to figure out how to make a nice little downloadable folder, so until then just save these pictures and print them off your computer! (Note: these are for personal use only so you can’t sell them or anything. ;))

quotes (3) (1)quotes (5)switchfoot

There you have it! To see the other five tips and other printables, go to Clara’s post HERE. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have fun with your bulletin board!

do you have a bulletin board?

do you say tacks or pushpins or thumbtacks?

megan sign-off 2



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