The Art of Inchworms

Hello! Today I'm going to be going over how I make clay inchworms, and I'll show you a couple that I've made recently. 🙂 Making clay inchworms is rather a strange hobby for sure, but I enjoy it a lot. To start with, I get a selection of greens, blues, yellows, and white to mix … Continue reading The Art of Inchworms

The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 13}

Time for the next part! YAY. [See the other parts here] Meanwhile, as Inchy B was pondering how to get the creative juices to the other Inchworms, Albert S was trying to get back in the Bake so that he could put up a sign, a sign to tell them how to keep their creative … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 13}

5 Etsy Favorites

Hello everyone! Today I have some of my favorite things from Etsy. 😀 But before that, I need to do a shout out to.... Miss Magic's Memoir! Check out this fun blog HERE. Okay, ready? Let's start. 1 . Little Snowy Owl This is actually one of my sister's creations! Isn't he just so cute … Continue reading 5 Etsy Favorites

The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 7}

I feel like I haven't posted a part in awhile, so here you are! 😀 |Go HERE to see the PREVIOUS 6 parts, then come back! :)| Inchy B soared up towards the ceiling and looked down at Itchy who looked like a… very small inchworm. The Land of the Clay Creatures was small as well. … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 7}

The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 4}

*Crowd cheers* Thank you, thank you! *bows* XD Another Inchy B part! YES! I'm so glad that you guys are enjoying this series, it makes me grin every time someone comments with "YAY INCHY B!". 😀 I even tagged this post with #goinchy. 😛  Lets get this party started! XD (If you have no idea … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 4}

Giveaway Winner!!

EEK! ARE YOU EXCITED? I AM! I AM SO SO EXCITED! I might be more excited than some of the people who have entered... XD WHO IS THE WINNER? MEE! Okay, just kidding. 😛 Just to remind you, the winner will get a clay bluebird, a clay starfish, a clay rose transfer, a clay inchworm, … Continue reading Giveaway Winner!!

Our Clay Table + TCC Entries

Allison and I love to make things out of polymer clay. But we don't like to get all our stuff out whenever we want to create something, so Allison got out a folding table and set it up in our school room. Yesterday we re-organized it and this is what it looks like:  Here are … Continue reading Our Clay Table + TCC Entries

Clay Inchworms

Hello! Some of you probably know that I enjoy making things out of polymer clay. 🙂 One of the first things I made was and inchworm with a top hat. Then I decided to make another! And another, and another... Anyway! I decided to share some of them with you. They are posted in order, … Continue reading Clay Inchworms

The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 3}

YAY! PART THREE! XD In my giveaway lots of people said that Inchy's photo story was their favorite post, so with out further ado (ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado ado  there, done) I present you part three! (See the other parts here) Inchy B had come … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 3}

Photo of the Week: Fog and Fence Posts

Hello guys! Here's a photo I took down by our pond. It was so foggy last evening! See? XD Here's the news! 😛 Don't forget about my giveaway! I'm giving away some cool clay stuff and some other things, so check out my post HERE if you want to enter! Only one week until it's over! Also, only … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Fog and Fence Posts

AHHH! 100 Followers Suprise

AHHHHHHHH! EEEKKK!! OOOOOHH! XD I mean... hkjksdafhaisdna! Exactly. Woah... that's... INCREDIBLE! And now I finally get to use this adorable little GIF: I love Pusheen. 😛 Click HERE to go to the website with all of his GIFs. Back to screaming... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! o_O 😀 🎈✨🎊 YAAAYYY!! Yes, I'm excited. 😛 But you should be too, … Continue reading AHHH! 100 Followers Suprise

The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 2}

*crowd cheering* YAY! PART TWO! Heh. heh. Onto the story! If you haven't read the first part, then go find it. Just kidding. 😛 Click HERE.  Allison didn't preview this post, so there may be typos! Hehe! After a long, hard, journey, Inchy B had finally reached Mt. Cellophane. It was so beautiful Inchy B could have cried. … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 2}

The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 1}

YAY! THE PHOTO STORY IS HERE! The main character will be a polymer clay inchworm. I hope you enjoy part one! 😀 At the very start it could only feel. It felt itself being squished by strong fingers, rolled between two sweaty palms, and bent into some shape. And then it could see. There were two pokes and … Continue reading The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 1}