My Seven Favorite Book Series

Hello! Here are my top seven book series. By Walter R. Brooks When I was younger I used to love this series. It's about a pig and other barnyard animals who can talk. Freddy is a detective, a pilot, a poet, a magician, a journalist, and many other things. These books are quite witty and clever, and though they don't … Continue reading My Seven Favorite Book Series

Field Corn

I love field corn. It's so tall and pretty, and it grows so fast! I spent some time taking pictures of it the other day. I hope you enjoy them! Yes, I edited all of these except the first one on PicMonkey (<affiliate link), in case you hadn't noticed. 🙂 He have six or seven roofs that … Continue reading Field Corn

Oh My ~ Two Year Blogiversary + Q&A

Oh my! Oh my goodness! 😀 I have officially had this blog for two whole years. Gulp. (Official proof ↑) I'm so, so excited! I have been posting on this blog for two. Whole. Years. 😮 Happy Things Thanks to a fellow blogger (and pen pal), I actually can have this blog for two whole … Continue reading Oh My ~ Two Year Blogiversary + Q&A