Hello everyone! GUESS WHAT! If you haven't already guessed, then you need to read titles more often. But YES, I now have a DSLR camera and I love it so much! I've had a lot of fun taking pictures recently with it. I don't have a very wonderful lens yet, so taking pictures in places … Continue reading I HAVE A DSLR!

Field Corn

I love field corn. It's so tall and pretty, and it grows so fast! I spent some time taking pictures of it the other day. I hope you enjoy them! Yes, I edited all of these except the first one on PicMonkey (<affiliate link), in case you hadn't noticed. 🙂 He have six or seven roofs that … Continue reading Field Corn

It’s the Most ‘Hectical’ Time of the Year

Salut! (That's hello in French. ;)) Okay, okay. Hectical isn't a word. But it sounds better than plain 'hectic'. Well, it is the most 'hectical' time of the year I think. Dad and Granddady are busy cutting alfalfa and small grain, seeding, and planting soybeans and corn. And guess what? It rained. and it's supposed … Continue reading It’s the Most ‘Hectical’ Time of the Year

LOTS of Random Photos

I have so many random photos! I use some of them in Photo of the Weeks; but still, that would take awhile to use them all up, and then I would have taken even more! So, here they are! Let the random photos begin. This is a painting I did with pokeberry and leaf juice. … Continue reading LOTS of Random Photos

Fair Week

We were off to the Fair!

7 ribbons. 3 canned things, 1 quilt, 2 photos, and 1 home grown thing