Dawn Chandler Book Tour {Mini Book Review + Author Interview}

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be doing something a little different. I think I've made maybe five bookish posts on my blog out of my 500+ posts, and today it's time for the sixth one! 🙂 Eliza Noel is publishing a book in a few days called "Dawn Chandler", and I get to be … Continue reading Dawn Chandler Book Tour {Mini Book Review + Author Interview}

5 Year Blogiversary Giveaway WINNER

Hello everyone! Today is the day you get to find out who won the giveaway! I'm giving away one pen pal kit from my shop, Peach & Poppy Co. Over 40 people entered and, counting bonus entries, there were 88 entries total. SO. Who won? I'm wondering that too. Alrighty! I decided to go with … Continue reading 5 Year Blogiversary Giveaway WINNER

Best of 2017 {Blogging Awards}

Hello! It’s time for the third annual A Barefoot Gal Best of (insert year here)! I have done this in November for the past two years, but I thought it made more sense to wait until the last month in the year. So here I am, and here are the rules: What is Best of … Continue reading Best of 2017 {Blogging Awards}

Best of 2016

Hello everyone! Last year I did the Best of 2015 awards. Basically, my readers nominated blogs and blogger's posts that they loved in a survey. After the survey time was up, I gathered all the nominated blogs/blog posts together and you all voted on your favorite. Finally, ten days later, I posted the winners. But … Continue reading Best of 2016

Oh My ~ Two Year Blogiversary + Q&A

Oh my! Oh my goodness! 😀 I have officially had this blog for two whole years. Gulp. (Official proof ↑) I'm so, so excited! I have been posting on this blog for two. Whole. Years. 😮 Happy Things Thanks to a fellow blogger (and pen pal), I actually can have this blog for two whole … Continue reading Oh My ~ Two Year Blogiversary + Q&A

Photo of the Week ~ Palomino

I've decided to title every Photo of the Week. 😀 I got this picture when I went horse back riding about a week ago, isn't she/he so pretty? I love the wooden fence too! 🙂 Okay, here is the news: Again, Josie and I are sitll holding our monthly blog button giveaway! 😀 Check it out HERE. … Continue reading Photo of the Week ~ Palomino

Rabbit Pictures (By the Tons)

I haven't posted bunny things in a while, have I? Well, here you go! This should satisfy any need for cuteness. 😀 First, I will do two pictures of poor Yoshi. 😥 R.I.P. This is my friend's rabbit. He 'writes' on this blog here. 🙂 Here's Willow. 🙂 FLUFFINESS! Lily has grown... quite... large! XD … Continue reading Rabbit Pictures (By the Tons)

(Forgotten)Photo of the Week

I forgot that I needed to post the photo of the week when I published my other post today! But here it is. 😀 That rabbit is our friend's rabbit, named Snickers. Isn't he SO CUTE? And also, here is some news! For those of you who are participating in BIBPC, Shannon is now joining team Tulip!  … Continue reading (Forgotten)Photo of the Week

A Bunny With a Blog – Musings From the World’s Cutest Holland Lop

Hey guys!  Wow. That is one long title. Anywho, my friend Mallory just made a blog today! It is called A Bunny With a Blog and is all about her adorable (but not quite as adorable as Clementine 😀 ) Holland Lop, named Snickers.  I am sure she would love it if you 'hopped' (hehe, … Continue reading A Bunny With a Blog – Musings From the World’s Cutest Holland Lop

New Blog Name?

Yep! That's right! I am going to have a new blog name.  Of course I'll keep the blog, I'm only going to change the name.  If you're wondering why, well... It is spelled wrong, dandelionsandaisys.wordpress.com It doesn't really have anything to do with my blog. And there should be another reason but it's hiding. So, … Continue reading New Blog Name?

2014 Recap

I have decided to do a 2014 recap post.  All the green words you can click on to see a post. I started blogging in 2014 on a private blog called Dandelions and Daffodils.  But since that wasn't working to swell I decided to move.  After a few attempts I got my old blog moved … Continue reading 2014 Recap