My Seven Favorite Book Series



Here are my top seven book series.


By Walter R. Brooks
When I was younger I used to love this series. It’s about a pig and other barnyard animals who can talk. Freddy is a detective, a pilot, a poet, a magician, a journalist, and many other things. These books are quite witty and clever, and though they don’t have tons of action, they make a fun read.


By C. S. Lewis

I don’t doubt that most of you have heard of Narnia. There are seven books in this fantasy series written by C. S. Lewis, and each one is amazing. In each book there is Aslan, the lion, who rules over Narnia. These books are fantastic, and if you’ve never read them, then you are missing out. 🙂


By L. M. Montgomery

I read the Anne series for the first time this year. Starting when Anne is adopted by Marilla and Matthew, and ending with a book from Anne’s daughter’s point of view, this series is full of fun adventures. It made me laugh when Anne’s friends thought she drowned while pretending to be a river maiden, and the antics of her children were quite fun to read about.


By J. R. R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings is another series I hadn’t read until this year. While this book has lots of verse and poem in it, which I’m not a fan of in books, it’s definitely a great read. I love Tolkien’s style of writing and the fantasy world of Middle Earth that he has created in this trilogy.


Redwall by [Jacques, Brian]By Brian Jacques

There are about twenty books in the Redwall series. The gist of the books is woodland creatures fighting against sea rats and other evil vermin to reclaim land or to escape evil clutches. I can’t really describe the whole series that well, but I really enjoy it. I’ve read around five of the twenty-two very thick novels. If you like this sort of book, the Redwall series will keep you going for quite a while.


By Jeanne Birdsall

This series about four siblings and their adventures, trials, and joys is a great read. Jeanne Birdsall has written five Penderwick books, and she plans on writing one more. Batty, the youngest, is a musician and a lover of animals. Jane is a writer and a dreamer. Skye is extremely smart with a bit of a temper, and Rosalind is the oldest who acts as a mother to her siblings.


By Trenton Lee Stewart

And finally -you guessed it- The Mysterious Benedict Society! I am a huge fan of these books. They are not only my favorite book series, but my favorite all-around books. The author’s way of writing doesn’t make it seem like it’s supposed to be a children’s book, but it is still very clear and understandable. In the three books the children must tackle many riddles and puzzles to succeed their missions.

You can click on the pictures of the book covers to see them on 😉

Have you read any of these series?

What’s your favorite series?


I want to read the Keeper of the Lost Cities series sometime as well. 🙂

109 thoughts on “My Seven Favorite Book Series

  1. My favorite series would have to be Warriors! I’ve only read the first two books, but I can’t wait to read more 🙂 Also it features cats… I can’t pass up a series with cats! 🐱


  2. Hey Megan! I was looking around at my library the other day, and I saw the Mysterious Benedict Society; I remembered that you and your sister Allison love that series, so I got the first book AND ITS SO GOOD NOW I KNOW WHY YOU LIKE IT SO MUCH! XD Thank you for the recommendation (though it wasn’t directly to me, rather in posts😉)! And now I’m putting book 2, book 3 and the Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict on hold at my library. Well, now it’s one of my all-time favorite books!
    Rant over. Sorry, I just love that book now. XD
    -Sara ❤❤


      1. INDEED!! I love it now too! Personally, I thought it was really exciting with all the surprises (WAIT, MILLIGAN IS KATE’S DAD? CONSTANCE’S STUBBORNNESS AND RUDENESS CAN ACTUALLY BE HELPFUL TO MBS? XD 😉 ). Heehee, YEP YAY MBS!


      2. I KNOW! AMAZING! I just love Trenton Lee Stewart’s writing! The cleverness and wittiness and writing style and quality and I think I’ve said this before but I still absolutely love the MBS and I hope TLS writes more books and I want everyone to read it now. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes! Yes! Yes!
        Literally just earlier this morning, I finished the last book, but I have yet to read The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. 😉


      4. I did! I did! I did! Finished it yesterday!
        You’re right, it was sooo good! I couldn’t believe he actually went back to the orphanage in the end?? But it turned out to be a good thing! I can’t believe the library was her treasure. It was right there in clear sight, as Violet thought! Speaking of Violet, it was so cool that Nicholas figured out that she spoke sign language! It makes me want to learn it.


      5. I know! Nicholas as a boy seems so different than Mr. Benedict! And I really loved his meetings with Violet and John. Yes, it was neat that he learned sign language! AH TLS IS AN AMAZING AUTHOR.
        Have you read The Secret Keepers?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yep! Now that you say so, I think he is quite a bit different. Remember when he was wishing he had a long-lost older brother who would take care of him? It really must have been a shock to find that Mr. Curtain was indeed his brother! So did I!
        YESS! Mr. Stewart sure is! He has a looong name – looong titles too!
        Not yet, but I want to. Is it as good as MBS?


      7. Yes, I thought about that too! Poor Nicholas. 😉
        Yeah, he does! XD I hope he writes lots more books.
        My brother thinks it’s better, but I think it’s as good or perhaps a little worse than the MBS.


      8. Aw, yeah. It must have been horrifying! :/
        So do I! 😀 He does? I guess it’s a matter of opinion. (I just put TSK on hold at my library! 🙂 )


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