Thus Ends May

Wow. It’s already June? 2017 is already half-way done? Well, hooray for summer break! School ended for me in the beginning of May, but I’m still finishing up Math. (Ugh.) Also, it’s finally getting warmer! The temperature got past eighty degrees several times in May.

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Random Snippets

Today I will be doing a post filled with random snippets of things I’ve been doing or photographing lately. Like my tagline says, my blog is basically a bunch of random snippets made into posts, but I decided to make a random snippet of a post filled with random snippets. 🙂

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Various Photography Tidbits

I have various bits of photography from the past week or two (or three), and today I have a collaboration of some of my favorite photos. Enjoy!

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TYEPC Category #3

It’s time for the third category in Reya’s challenge: Through Your Eyes Photography Contest.

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September Photography

Hello guys!

I’ve gathered together some photos I’ve taken in September so far. 🙂

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Field Corn

I love field corn. It’s so tall and pretty, and it grows so fast! I spent some time taking pictures of it the other day. I hope you enjoy them!

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Little Bits of Farm Life

Hello everyone!

Usually in my ‘Farm Life’ category, I do main farm happenings (projects, new equipment, etc.), but what about the little pieces? Well, here’s a post just for that. 🙂 Here are a few things that have been happening around the farm.

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Posts From the Ancient Times #2

Hey guys! I’m here with an old post. You can see the original thing HERE, or just read below. 😉 This will be a good bit different from my other posts, and I’m fairly sure most of you won’t be terribly interested in this… but oh well. It’s kind of funny. 😛

Okay, here’s a guest post by my brother, published almost two years ago. 🙂

By Logan

About a month ago, Dad bought a new combine harvester, and it just arrived Saturday. It came from Jamestown, North Dakota. It was to big too fit on the trailer without taking off the wheels, so it arrived without the wheels on. They had to jack it up on the trailer, and it took from 5:25 to 8:55pm to get it off the trailer!!

DSCN0113[1] DSCN0111[1]


       It’s a Cat Lexion 480, and it is around twice the size of our old combine, not to mention 15 years newer! It can hold 280 bushels of grain in the bin, vs. 180 on our other one, and has 360 horsepower vs. around 175 horsepower on the old one. This picture is the best one Megan could get Saturday night when they got it off

Megan 5-07-14 115

( Our old one was a 1985 Massey Ferguson 860).


When Dad got it parked in the shed, we got some good pictures of it, and from the one picture, you can get an idea of how big it is from me beside it. The cab is also a BIG improvement from the other one, and it even has a buddy seat! Dad thinks he can adapt the old corn header to fit it, but since our small grain header was about shot, Dad bought a used 25′ one out of (I think) Kansas.

Megan 5-07-14 190Megan 5-07-14 185



So Long! Logan.


Well, that was different! 😛

So Long!


I gave Jinx (our cat) a finger-full of whipped cream and now he keeps licking his lips. 😛



In Which I Take a Walk and Get Eaten by Cows

A few days ago I decided I would go outside and talk a walk in a place we call ‘The Sycamores’.  (Sycamores are types of trees 😉 ) Maggie jogged along with me and stopped to chat with the cows along the way. She used to be so scared of them!

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 009 (1024x768).jpg

On the other side of the fence were cows. They stared at me but kept their distance.

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 010 (1024x768)

As I walked on I encountered puddles,

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 016 (1024x768)

Which led me to a discovery of a leak in my boot.

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 018 (1024x768)

I also saw some birds, but they were just Starlings. :/

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 013 (1024x768)

I looked back and discovered that the cows were following me as cows often do.

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 027 (1024x768)

I kept on, stopping to take a few photos of semi-interesting things.

I noticed some raccoon tracks by the creek and wondered how his paws (or would you call them hands?) had not frozen off. My ‘paws’ were red and I wasn’t even in the mud!

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 030 (1024x768)

I walked with my eyes on the ground (not literally, of course), looking for more tracks. I was so absorbed in this that I didn’t look where I was going. Thankfully I popped up just in time to see this in front of me:

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 031 (1024x768)

I safely ducked under it and found the cows nearly surrounding me. I stuck out my hand to see if one would lick it.

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 032 (1024x768)

It took a while but at last one rubbed it’s scratchy tongue on my hand. Cow’s tongues are extremely rough.

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 034.JPG

More joined in the fun and I was surrounded by slobbery beasts with dripping noses.

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 035 (1024x768)

Then one started chewing on my sleeve!
Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 040 (1024x768)

As soon as I realized that this wasn’t my everyday coat I jerked my arm up and the cows scattered.

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 041 (1024x768)

My hand was quite wet and nearly frozen so I decided it was probably a good time to head home. I was also quite muddy.

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 046 (1024x768)

I did get a cool picture of my reflection in a bubble though! 😀

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 048 (1024x768)

I edited it so you can see my relection a tad better. 😉


I hope you enjoyed post! I finally got around to posting a Farm Life post. Phew! XD


Doesn’t tongue look as if it would sound like ‘ton goo’? 😛

Photo of the Week: Fog and Fence Posts

Hello guys! Here’s a photo I took down by our pond. It was so foggy last evening!

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 087.JPG

See? XD Here’s the news! 😛

  • Don’t forget about my giveaway! I’m giving away some cool clay stuff and some other things, so check out my post HERE if you want to enter! Only one week until it’s over!
  • Also, only a week to enter in a blog button giveaway I do with another blogger.
  • Random shoutout! Spark of Creativity.
  • I put a profile picture up on my sidebar. You can’t see my face, but it’s kind of neat. 🙂

That’s all! Thank you for reading, guys. 🙂


I did a post about mud on a collab blog HERE. XD

LOTS of Random Photos

I have so many random photos! I use some of them in Photo of the Weeks; but still, that would take awhile to use them all up, and then I would have taken even more! So, here they are! Let the random photos begin.

001 (1024x576)006 (1024x576).jpg022 (1024x576)026 (1024x576)031 (1024x576)072 (1024x576)

031 (1024x576) (2).jpg105 (1024x576)

This is a painting I did with pokeberry and leaf juice.

061 - Copy (1024x576)

Very stylish outfit, Clementine!

003 - Copy (1024x576)

001 (1024x576) (2)

Megan 015Megan 022Megan 036Megan 059

My giant bear my grandparents got me for my birthday.

017 - Copy.JPG

The window of my dad’s tractor got hit by a rock, but the tint held the pieces in place! As far as I know, it still looks that way!!031 (1024x576) (3).jpg

Gourd stand!002 (1024x576) (1024x576)038 - Copy (1024x576)

008 - Copy (1024x576)

038 - Copy (1024x576)

A hot air balloon! When we saw this, we hoped it would come down on our property, but no such luck. We did get to go balloon chasing though and watched them deflate it too.

Megan (Kittens, Etc,) 174 (1000x563)

Alum powder under a microscope

006 (1024x576) (2).jpg


Maggie loves to snuggle in the leaf pile.

I told you it was going to be a lot of photos! Which was your favorite one?



Photo of the Week ~ 10-05-15

Combining season is coming up soon!  Dad did a field earlier than usual this year so that’s why I already have a picture.

Megan 099Sign-off

AAF Part 2- Bunnies🐰

I decided it’s time to do part 2 of AAF. (Animals Around the Farm)  Part 2 is about our three adorable bunnies. They are all sisters and their names are Rootabaga, Honeybunny, and Diamond.

Honey Bunny

We got the bunnies on the 15th of August.  Honeybunny belongs to my sister Allison, Diamond to Carmen, and Rootabaga to me.  They are the Silver Fox breed.  Here is a tidbit about them from The Field Guide to Rabbits by Samantha Johnson

“Size: Large

Nickname: “One of a kind since 1929″

ALBC status: Critical (estimated global population of less than 500)”

So there you have it!  We have some very rare rabbits on our farm.  Of course they are just for pets only.  Not for meat.

Here are pictures.

Playing in the leaves
Honeybunny playing in the leaves
Doesn’t Diamond look curious?

Oh, one more thing, they LOVE to chew!  Here are pictures of before and after 5 minutes of hungry, chewing, bunnies.

Megan 035   Megan 036

Farewell!  I’m off to play with bunnies!