A Few Suprising Things About Our Farm

Hello guys! Today I'm going to show you some things that not every farm has. 🙂 Ready? Okay then, here you go... 🙂 Number One: The Cotton Pile Maybe when you read that you imagined a big pile of cotton balls. In that case, I'll need to re-phrase it.  Ahem. The Cotton Seed Pile Have … Continue reading A Few Suprising Things About Our Farm

Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾

I decided to do a series of posts about some of the animals around our farm. In the first part you will get a sneak peek of all the animals I will be showing you. Maggie and Jinx I'm going to put these two together in one post. Tadpoles and Frog (Bubble) We caught the tadpoles … Continue reading Animals Around the Farm-Part 1🐾